Watching The Fall Guy

This one was a favorite when i was a boy. Thought I would watch it again and see how it holds up. Tried it with Knight Rider and it was so bad it broke my heart. The first episode doesn’t have the famous theme song. Lee Majors is a good looking sumbitch. 

Scratch that. Ten minutes in and Howie gets punched and the theme song kicks in. 

His truck was badass


DiscoNfrno -


Not nearly enough big blonde tits in the pilot episode. 

I might jump through a tall building I might fly a brand new car, cuz I'm the unknown stuntman that makes Redford such a star...

I don't know if those are the real lyrics but it's close and of 30 years of pot filled memory damnit!

MountainMedic -

His truck was badass

I’ve got a slotcar version of it. It’s a beautiful truck. 

I am a huge fan

Seen every episode...yes I am a geek

Was also obsessed with Six Million Dollar Man

Until the Bigfoot episode

Look up the women Majors nailed .damn

The story of Cris Carter? 

I've always wondered if the ladder guy died.

CaptainNemo - 

Got a bunch of those downloaded. Good copies are hard to find - think only one or two seasons ever came out on DVD. It was a fun ridiculous show. Howie was such a bitch. Heather Thomas was perfection.

I remember Joe Lewis teaching them sidekicks in one episode, lol.