Watching "the Noel Diary"

so the Fem Star is a CHEATING harlot and I’m supposed to be cheering for her happiness?

now I know I have a mistress or two, but my Primary GF demands it so I can’t be blamed. If I don’t have a mistress or two then I’m going to be like that chap getting CUCKed in “the Noel Diary”

at least if my woman ran off with some other man then I could say “HA got ya first you hag!”

…now he is going to win her back via STALKING?

and when does stalking EVER work to WIN the HEART of someone who CRUSHED your heart like a SNOWFLAKE and does the “don’t call me”?

I can sure tell you that when I tell some strumpet not to call me that they are NOT going to win me over by STALKING!

now I’m brewing up some Yogi Kava Stress Relief tea to watch Bible in a Year with Father Mike Schmitz on the Youtube so I can get right with Jesus because I feel really worked up about that Noel movie!

my Yogi Stress Relief Tea message said “the primary ingredient of life is love”

hahaha no one gives a shit

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thanks for reading LOL :rofl: