Watching UFC in Toronto??

Looks like Sports Cafe, Scarborough location for me and my pals.

I believe it's at Markham and Eglinton but I could be wrong.

Post if you'll be there or post other locations for others to go support St.Pierre and Cote.

I'll be at The Fan, Bloor and Jane as usual with a few buddies.

hey, extendo, how much we have to pay do watch the ufc at the fan? or is it free? problably I'll be there.

Showdown, it's at Brimley and Eglinton.

Hey leedo, no cover at the Fan.

That's it...Brimley and Eglinton. Thanks bro.

You're both wrong, it's at Danforth Rd & Eg. ;)

See you guys there, Joe and CC.

Extendo, I was there at the Fan about 2 weeks ago, man,
that is a big place! Two floors or three? I'd like to
watch the fights there...but it's too far to drive
back to Scarb after a pint or two.

wayne-o, the fan is the downstairs bar, and upstairs is called Billy Bob's. Same owner so you can float between the two floors but the leather couches downstairs are your best bet.

The Fan is a great place to watch the UFC...big screen tv, leather couches, and beer! What more could you ask for?

extendo: thanks bro. maybe we'll meet each other out there.

I've never been to the sports cafe but the fan is great. They have decent food and plenty on tap, not to mention the big screen.


ttt for frostycoles

Hey, does anybody know if The Fan will be showing Pride on Sunday too?

Hey, I got to meet frostycoles at the Fan.

He called St.Pierre's single-leg takedown.

Boog, I believe they will show Pride if there is enough interest. I'll give
them a call and see what they say.