Watchout Starbuck!

Thanks to some minor surgery that's kept me out of the Dojo for a while, I was forced to turn my hand to some serious xBox training over the weekend, namely:

Battlestar Glactica

Even the opening music got the heart beating a little faster, then before I know it, there I was battling it with walking (actually flying) versions of Michael Knight's Kit through the depths of space.

There are a lot of little things made this game very playable. One being the flight controls: pretty easy to get the hang of, with a surprising amount of control. The weapon systems appear balanced and the enemy aren't too dumb... well no dumber than they were in the series. Also the 3D immersion effect is quite compelling, moreso I suspect than many other supposed 'space flight/fight simulators' out there.

All in all it appears to be a good fun game and I'd be thinking I'll easily get my money's worth.