Watchu Know About A New Mattress- Gel, Foam, etc

Need a new mattress, looking at these.

I’ll get the out of stock mattress when it comes in stock

You’re better off sleeping on a yoga mat than those fucken maxi pads

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Read the reviews, find the one that best fits your firmness preference, and then look for any certifications about the material used (no off gassing smells, no questionable chemicals used, etc.). Then get that one. I switched to a memory foam mattress 10+ years ago, and I’m happy as can be with them.

But anyone who tells you there’s no difference between the affordable ones and the ultra expensive ones is lying to you. I have an affordable one and love it, but I’ve also used a Tempurpedic that cost more than $10k more than my mattress, and that Tempurpedic was amazing. But I’d rather have the extra $$$ in my pocket.

Do a web search, there used to be websites dedicated to foam mattress reviews. Some were fronts for certain companies, but some came off as being legit

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Agreed. I have a “good” mattress. When I got it I felt it was a big step up from previous. Visited my brother and he asks me to lay down on his bed. I had zero interest in doing that but he just wouldn’t shut the fuck up so I sat down. He has a Purple Mattress…3 or 4? Not sure how that goes exactly but after sitting I had to lay down and my back felt like it had a dick and that mattress was bed shaped pussy. Am I the type to spend a few thousand on a mattress? No. But there are definitely huge differences in the quality as you go up in price.


We bought a Layla foam mattress for our cabin. I like it better than our spring mattress at home.

I had a concern it would be hot, but it’s not. Also the movement isolation, aka waking up your wife or the other way around, is way better than a spring mattress.

The Layla mattress comes with two firmness levels depending on which way you flip the mattress. The soft was way too soft for me, the “firm” side was good, but I’d call it the firm side of medium. If you want a really firm mattress look elsewhere.

Downside is that they are heavy and a pain to move.

Also, if you have been laying in the same spot for a while you have to roll up out of it to adjust position, you’re sunk in a little bit. It’s not a big deal, just a quirk of a foam mattress.

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I love my Simmons Beautyrest. Not sure what model, It’s black with a pillow top.

U gotta go thick

I would spend more than $300 unless you’re total trash

I have some generic memory foam mattress + pad from Bezos that’s amazing for the cost. That said…

  1. Tempurpedic
  2. Purple
  3. 13” Generic

100% get what you pay for w/ foam mattresses.

I love my ghost bed, would recommend. It does cost a bit more though

This one?