Water From One Of My Bathrooms Has A Smell

The water from the sink faucet in one of the bathrooms has a smell, other bathroom doesn’t, bathtub in same bathroom, no smell, kitchen, no smell.

What do ?

Good smell or bad?

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Drink it and tell us if you die!

Stop shitting in that particular sink…


Like sewage, from both hot and cold

Old faucet? Could be hard water build up in the lines, gives a methane/rotten egg smell especially on lower levels of a house. If you have a S trap instead of a P trap, probably sewer gas.


Have you checked the p-trap?

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put some vaporub on the spout

Had to Google what a p trap was.

No, not checked.

Clean it or replace ?

If you don’t use that sink a lot then water can evaporate from the trap and sewer gas can come up throught the drain. A couple of table spoons of vegetable oil down the drain can prevent this.


You’re probably smelling a bunch of crud and hair stuck in the Pop up drain where the plug attaches to the lever. Every time the water hits it it stirs it up.

Unscrew the lever from the drain tube pull it out and then pull the drain plug out. All the stinky crap will be hanging on the bottom of it.

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What product do I clean with ?


Toilet haunting??


Post about it in the poop log?


Use a plunger on the sink.

Is it water from your p hole or b hole