Water Purification Tablets- Recommend brand please

 Which Water Purification tablets are considered the best out there? Who do you use/have? I was searching Amazon and many brands came up, read the reviews and I'm still not quite sure.

Also is Amazon the best place to buy these?



in end of april Im taking my girlfreind for our first 3 day camping trip. Its not anything real crazy like hiking for ever.

I just plan on taking a seahawk raft to an island in the middle of a lake on a large wooded hill in a very remote area, and staying locally.

The lake itself has a lot of beavers and a wide variety of wild life, with some areas of stagnent pools off to the side from water overflow with turtles.

After researching my game plan is to use a General Ecology First Need Deluxe Water Purifier for water needs.


issue with those iodine tablets is that iodine will give a flavor.

also you have to wait a little while. it will be easier to keep tablets for a trip to cut down on travel wieght, but for my purposes the filter is easier.

here for the tablets though to answer your questions.


Buy 2 or 2.5 % iodine from the drug store. It's way cheaper and lasts longer than the little tablets you get from camping stores. 5 or 6 drops per liter/quart usually works, though temp or crap in the water could change amount required. There's lots of info online.

Ive done more research and used some. I bought a kaydenite hiker pro for a water filter, and I used iodine tablets. iodine tablets kill the virusis, but wont kill the bacteria. The filter takes out the bacteria but wont kill the viruses.

I used it the other night while camping with my 4 year old. I didnt feel like bring water and I hiked at a lake with beavers and tons of wild life around it. I hiked with 4 empty 1 gallon jugs.

I filled up 2 of the gallon jugs with water, let the iodine tablets kill the virusis for a half hour. then used the kaydenite hiker pro filter to filter out the treated water into 2 empty jugs.

water came out fine. Saved me about 10lbs of wieght doing that.