Waterlogged Nerf football

what a downer that was. Land in the pool or a big puddle. Then you'd keep squeezing it and getting as much water out as you could but it was still heavy. then a dog or something would take a bite out of it. Or you'd fuck it up pulling it back through a fence. If you left it out all day in the summer after being wet, it would really dry the hell out and start to crack.

A brand new nerf football though? A fucking delight.

soggy nerf football = better to throw deep bomb.

I think I played nerf football every day of grade school.

They were the best when they were soaking wet, because you could knock the shit out of all your little frineds with a well placed throw.

Man, nerf football destroyed about twenty pairs of jeans as a kid. Seriously, do you ever see grass stains on kid's pants anymore?

I had a fucking gun of an arm. I liked to catch better though. I would always make the person throw it so I would catch it over the shoulder while I was running, while yelling out "Grogan to Stanley Morgan....touchdown!!!".

Then the smart quarterback kid would draw plays in the dirt or on his hand with his finger. Sucked running routes when you knew you wouldn't get the ball.

Im a nerf football Historian.

We had some hurricane up here years ago. It was winding down but it still had some pretty good steady winds going. Must have played catch for fives hours that day. You could throw it another 50% probably. Sucked for the kid throwing back the other way because he had to run halfway to you then back.

Man, I loved nerf football. I loved nerf flies-up even more. I used to be the kid who would postition myself near where the ball would land, then I would sort of crouch down and wait for the other kids to jump for the ball. Then when everyone leapt into the air I would take out their legs and catch the ball on the rebound.

lol this takes me back. And that observation about kids never having grass stains on their pants is spot on IMO.

Shit, I used to soak mine on purpose, you hail mary it to the dork you didn't want playing in the first place but didn't have enough to make the teams even. And when he catches it, it looks like Ron Jeremy power coating his face, SPLOSH!!!

This is a fine, fine thread.

I remember I used to wear out jeans all the time. I guess that is not as common now that I think about it. When I have kids I am going to make them play.

i would hate to be a kid growing up today, i'm having a son in a few months and i hope i'm not too sorry to let him have a good childhood

"Man, nerf football destroyed about twenty pairs of jeans as a kid. "

Not me. I would rock the Tuffskins for that very reason. And you could lay down some sweet Ty Cobb-like slides on those gravel/sand baseball diamonds at school.

Bulletproof, IMO.


We used to dive on purpose. It wasn't even by accident. You'd tell the person to throw it to you so you would have to do an all out dive to catch it.

You would also jump in the air to catch a ball that you could have caught while standing on the ground. It's all about style.

only played with nerf balls for a few years...had to replace them for the real thing to get use to the feel.

I was also lucky enough to have my dad and his best friend be one of my baseball coaches...many summers spent doing sprints in full catchers gear, flipping off the mask and chasing pop-ups, and catching for my dad's friend's kid who ended up playing a few years of minor leagues(could have went to the bigs but he fell for a pussy).

might pick up a nerf and see about setting up some "touch" football...we all know that touch shit only lasted a couple downs before it was full on tackle

remember this thing and just seeing how far you could throw it

i swear i could throw that thing 70 yards

Now I gotta go find a pic of that frisbie with the little cup thing in the middle. So you could catch it on your finger or spin it up in the air. Shit, what was the name of that?

oh man i had that thing too

Nerf football, RAH, RAH, RAH!!!

You can watch it goooooooooooo.....

You can go for the long bomb...pass or receive...

dum-dee-dumm-dummm-dummm----the words escape meeeeeeeeeee....

I've got a vortex around here somewhere...broke my fucking finger last year playing catch with my brother who decided to throw it like 70mph

quickly went from catch to full on tackle football

sometimes we would buy the generic ones soak them in kerosene and play catch over a bonfire until it got too close. usually started a night of illegal fireworks, draino bombs, and various felonies.