Wausau Jiu-Jitsu

Looking to start a club in Wausau, Wi. Interested in working Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, MMA, etc. Can have pro boxer,
experienced kickboxer, and jiu-jitsu guys to help teach.

Just want to know how many peeps would be interested.


Chad @Warpath

Chad - Whatever you need just let me know. You guys have
my 100% support. I'll just be sad when it gets successful and
I don't see as much of you...

If you guys have seminars, open mats, or anything special in the area(charity event, special appearance, large seminar) email me at RobertEMrotek2@aol.com and my guys and I will come support it.


Bill-- I plan on cashing in on your offer. When we get some people together I'll let you know. We'll always be willing to make the trip, so you won't get rid of us that easy!

Robert--Thanks for the support, I look forward to meeting you at the St. Judes event. I'll be sending the package out soon. I should be able to get some more stuff together and send it out in a couple of weeks.

Chad- best of luck I am sporting my warpath shirt right now!!

Thanks Jason!

I hope this club works out. It will be great to have a place to train in our area. Merry Christmas--

I can see it now... Warpath Fight School - Buy a shirt or we'll
kick your ass

If the club takes off we'll have to have an old school inter-dojo pitfighting championship with the BKCC (Bill K. Combat Club) for Central Wisconsin dominance.

Kind of like a Bruce Lee movie, we'll send our baddest guy to your dojo and set up a pink belt challenge match with you. Winner take all. Then you'll have to buy a shirt.