Wave-Gotik, Treffen

I can't go this year but I am sure as hell going to make it to the next one. Anyone else going?

That looks fucking wild! Have you been to one before?This looks like a nice girl:I'm a stranger to this kind of music (the closest I get to goth is Bauhaus), whats good?

I don't much care for goth music....they whine. I'm going for the Industrial and Synthpop.

I recommend (Artist and Song):

Foetus, Descent Into The Inferno

And One, PanzerMensch and Closer

Covenant, Call the Ships to Port

Coil, Loves secret Domain or Windowpane

Bands that will be there this year: Assemblage 23, Blutangel, Noisex, Dulce liquido, Melotron, Decoded feedback, Needle sharing, negative format, VNV Nation....too many to list....

I'm hoping that some bands that arn't scheduled this year will be there next year.

All of thier music is good, those were just suggestions.

There are others. Start with those and tell me what you think.

I hope I don't run into her. I might hyperventilate from laughter.

Looks like a pretty wild time, i would check that out if i had the cash

Ok, I couldn't find too much, but here is what I got on my first search:

And One, PanzerMensch [pretty cool, gets a little redundant though]

Covenant, Call the Ships to Port (radio version)[a little too 80's ala Depech mode for me]

Coil, Loves secret Domain and Hellraiser theme [really cool stuff - I had to go out and rent hellraiser. I'm downloading a bunch more by these guys.]

Foetus - barbedwire tumbleweed and butterfly potion [pretty wild - I like it, but need to hear more.]

*all reviews copywritten 1981*

Have you ever heard of Monty Cantsin?


I was totally unaware of who he was, but I was organising a little music festival type thing (a bunch of rock bands pretty much, although I was trying to get an industrial night together) and had read a review of a band he was playing in called 'Puppet Government.' I dug up his phone number and called and asked if he was interested in playing, and he said sure - only it wouldn't be puppet gov, only him.

He was booked for the 2nd night with my band, a couple of pretty popular metal type bands, and him as headliner. Around 6pm everybody is at the club setting up, soundchecking and stuff, and in walks this little guy and a big henchman both dressed in german schoolboy outfits, and he asks in a really thick hungarian accent if I could help him with his equiptment.

We go out back to his van, and there are two big filing cabinets and a big motor. I'm going, 'where is your stuff?' and he says really slowly,'this.......is my equiptment.'

Anyway, he put on a great show, he mounted one of the cabinets on the motor, so when it swung forward all the drawers would swing out and bang, and then it would go back and they would bang when it closed. The other one he beat the crap out of in time to the beat, screamed into an effects laden megaphone, wore coathangers on his head and wore a pillowcase over his head for the last few 'songs'

It was funny, because I'm really digging this guy and the club just empties except for a few people he brought, a couple of jewish guys got really pissed and left because they thought he was a german mocking them or something. One guy came up to me after and asked how the hell I got Monty Canstin, do you realise who he is?

I wish I had known at the time, I don't think I even remembered to pay him.

Dasbeaver, I have almost everything Coil has ever done. I'm only missing 4 of thier songs. My favorites are Heartworms, Are You shivering, The Anal Staircase, Circles of mania, I don't want To Be The One and The Mothership And The Fatherland. And One doesn't just do the same stuff, they have several different styles. Try Evil boys and Driving With my Darling. I love Foetus. Look for Verklempt, Quick Fix(Charlie clouser mix), and I'll Meet You In Poland.

Coil did the music for the first Hellraiser, but the studio said it was too creepy to use in the Movie!

Several members of Coil were original members of Throbbing Gristle. Foetus and Marc Almond have also worked with Coil.

Yes, I know of Monty Cantsin, but I have never seen him. I would love to though. Can you image a show with both him AND Survival Research Laboratories?

I'm also a big fan of Einsturzende Neubauten. My favorite from them is Z.N.S., but the entire Halber Mensch album is good. The Halber Mensch movie is an insane german Noh theatre production. F.M. Einheit from EN is also a member of KMFDM.

You can go with us to the festival next year. I'm going with a few friends....I don't care where I get the money. The festival is 4 days, but were are hoping to spend a few extra in either Berlin or Prague. We'll flip a coin.

Most of what you said went right over my head, my experience with industrial music pretty much starts and ends with NIN.Foetus, Descent Into The Inferno - is 'Scraping the foetus off the wheel' the same band? If so, that tune rocks.I was checking out the Coil website - they're a strange band - they don't seem to sell cds, just make trades.What do you think of this tune? Its a friends band and I'm going to be holding down the guitars for them when they play live next month. I'm a little out of my element.Clones

I like it. I like the lead singers voice. It was quite well done.

Scraping Foetus off the wheel is Foetus AKA Jim Thirlwell.

I hate NIN.

Thats funny, most people who are real industrial fans seem to hate NIN. Why is that? I thought 'the downward spiral' was great.

I'll pass on your review, its funny, he's a little guy with a big voice.

What part of Germany is this festival held?

Foetus also goes by Clint Ruin, Steroid Maximus, You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, Foetus Under Glass... basically a dozen or more other "Foetus" names. Under Scraping Foetus, Nail and Thaw were both great. The Steroid Maxiumus stuff is cool too. And under Clint Ruin, he and (then-girlfriend) Lydia Lunch did a great version of 'Don't Fear the Reaper.' Lunch singing "Baby I'm your MAN" is just scary.

Whoa, looks like an emergency trip to the music shop for me, lol.

Oh yeah... Another Thirlwell project is 'Wiseblood'. I wasn't into the Wiseblood stuff so much, but thought it bore mentioning. Like Patton, later, a guy who did a lot of different things under different names, obviously.
The allmusic guide (allmusic.com) is pretty helpful in sorting it all out. I still vote "Nail" and "Thaw" first, though. That's my taste, from what I've heard, at least.

Manorexia is another good Foetus project.

He is also known as DJ Otesfu.

Nail is his best album. I'm partial to Enter the Exterminator.

There is a good reason that most hard core rivetheads dislike Trent Reznor. The man is a fucking thief. Pretty hate machine came out after the first Sister Machine Gun album. listen to them both and tell me that he isn't a fucking thief. He has burned every bridge that he has ever created to the point that most people in the industrial community don't want to work with him. He completely STOLE the imagery for the Closer video from Joel-Peter Witkin, a very famous artist. Witkin won the lawsuit.

Did you hear the story about how Trent was being monetarily raped by his manager, betrayed, blah, blah blah? The truth is that he got where he was because of his manager, who was only taking the average percentage. Trent dropped him like a bad habit, completely screwing him over in the process.

For some GOOD older industrial, get the following:

Sister machine Gun


Die warzau

Pop Will Eat Itself

Skinny puppy

Front 242

Frontline Assembly


The Revolting Cocks (My husband used to tour with them)


Test dept.

Hate Dept.

Nitzer Ebb

X marks the Pedwalk

Sheep On Drugs

Leather Strip


There is a fuckload more, but this should get you started.

"Pop Will Eat Itself "

I didn't know they were considered industrial, I used to love those guys. I still have some albums on cassette :)

That makes complete sense about Reznor, I always figured there must be a reason beyond becoming popular.

Thanks for the info guys, I'll be an indutrial head in no time.

Hmm....PWEI might not be classified as Industrial.....but I love them and Ich Bin Die Auschlander is industrial as hell.

You are in Toronto?! You missed the Synthpop Goes The World Festival?!


Yes I did. It was a rigamarole - I think there were only 1000 tickets and they were around $250 each.

Aside from that...