Way more excited for TJ / Soto!! How will it end?

Really like both these guys but will be rooting for TJ!!!

Awesome step in for Soto and he's a badass too!!!

How you think the fight will go??

I'm saying a competitive few 3 rounds then a finish in the 4th for TJ!! Phone Post 3.0

thanks Dana.

Hey, Dana. Phone Post 3.0

Shouldn't you be snowboarding on your driveway ? Phone Post 3.0

I like that its a fresh matchup but I still don't want to pay $50 to see it. Phone Post 3.0

I never believed people on here that said that Zuffa had paid shills here posting on the UG.

This thread makes me reconsider everything I thought I knew.

There aren't bars near you that show events for free? Sports channels replay highlights the day later anyway.

Dana #3, over and out

LOL at me being a paid shill..

I'm an OGer!!!

I'd rather see Soto / TJ over a fight we ALREADY saw a few months ago, sorry!!

And I wish I could snowboard in my fucking driveway!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

NotYourAverage14er - Even Joe Soto had to google Joe Soto
That's sad.. People don't know fighters outside the UFC.. Phone Post 3.0

The Ghost of REED ROTHCHILD - VTFD OP for being a Zuffa shill Phone Post 3.0
Thanks Phone Post 3.0

Vu OP. I am too. TJ is one of my faves. It's gonna be clinic. That I will read about. Tomorrow morning. On the UG. Phone Post 3.0

i'am excited for a joe soto upset.

touch -

This is fucking awesome. VU. Phone Post 3.0

xsrg95 - i'am excited for a joe soto upset.
I'm a huge TJ fan but Soto is awesome too!!!

It would really shake shit up if Soto won that's for sure!! Phone Post 3.0