Way to go CAIN!!! (SPOILER)

Brad Morris vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1
Velasquez drops Morris with a left hook early. Velasquez jumps into the mount position on his downed opponent and hammers away with strikes. Morris gives up his back to avoid punishment, where he eats some solid punches to the chin that are delivered beautifully under the arm. Morris scrambles and gets to his feet, where he is met with a knee and an uppercut that send him crashing back to the canvas. Velasquez blasts away at his fallen opponent until referee Steve Mazzagatti jumps in to save Morris at 2:10 of the first.

 word to the wise. no need to put (spoiler) in the title when your title already gives the result away....although i care nothing for this fight.

now lets see him fight heath herring!

i think cain would win by the way...

1 and 1 on my picks so far. Off to a shakey start here. :(

Good thing you put (SPOILER) in the title.


lol@thread title

piles on

Thanks for the spoiler warning.

Well maybe he did something stupid, and I meant "Way to go, Cain!!!"

lmao @ the thread title

your an idiot!