Way To Go Democrats

Biden has allotted 38 Billion Dollars to pay for illegal immigrants college educations.

Way to go SCUMBAGS.

Meanwhile my kid who has a 4.01 GPA in honors classes, smoked the SAT, and ran his own profitable business since he was 14 years old. Will pay full fucking price. That is if he can get in. He is apparently too white to get into anywhere in The University of California system.

LOL at the UC System. Wiped out the SAT requirement until 2025. Geee why would they do that?

Might they want to pack those pieces of shit ghetoo dwellers in there!!??


This country is fucked. It’s like the assholes all want to be stupider than the motherfucker before them.


fucking absolute horse shit

Ive been a tax paying citizen my whole life, born and bred

Im paying my kids college education


If you are a California resident and your kid is in the top 9% of his class he is guaranteed a spot in the UC system:


If your kid performed that well he would have scholarships. If you are Cali it’s even easier. So you are full of absolute shit.


wow, very liberal of you to assume genders


Lori Loughlin and her husband likely paid enormous sums in taxes and cheated to get their kid into college. And went to jail. Illegal parents of illegal children cheated to get their kids into the US. And will be rewarded with free tuition.


suck a dick mother fucker. just like the election.

presto chango the rules. SAT is out and brown people are in.

He from Texas.

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The whole thing is comical. A degree from UCLA or USC wont be worth 1 square of toilet paper in 10 years. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Ya fucked yourselves again DEMS!

Taxpayer money taken from citizens under the threat of imprisonment and given to actual criminals.

This is the left.



Got dayum. That sickitates me. Anybody else genuinely insulted and astounded by that shit???


Our country has become a giant SNL skit.

And of course, the one liberal who replied so far didn’t try to justify any of this. Go ahead, Sandman, and tell us more about another poster’s kid that you apparently know so much about.


College is no longer for education.

The purpose of college now is indoctrination.

The best way to indoctrinate the most people quickly is to pretend it is something of value, and offer it for free.


Im suprised UC alumni types have not raised HOLY FUCKING HELL over this. Destroys the worth of their education.

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WTF is an “undocumented college student?”

I understand the position you are coming from and from my understanding, you are underselling it.

it is the new federally mandated term for wetback . LOL


I am very sorry to read that OP.

My two brothers and I all graduated from UC schools, but I honestly think going to college today is almost like women going to a “Finishing School” in the mid-1960s.

Back then, people lacked the perspective to realize that society had fundamentally changed and the idea of women going to a Finishing School was antiquated. I think in a handful of years it will be abundantly clear to most people that traditional colleges are very much “over” and have outlived their usefulness.

The College & University system is close to being obsolete for MOST people. There are still exception in the STEM fields, but It’s just not worth it anymore for most human beings; it’s not a good value, it’s not good preparation for life, it is simply tradition at this point. Problem is the “alternatives” have not become widespread or socially acceptable enough… yet.

Rough period to be a parent with college age kids right now. It’s a waste of money for most but I’m sure it feels like if you don’t spend it you are short changing your child. Culturally, we need to get over sending our kids to these failed institutions.