Way To Go Democrats

by the way, was fucking with you a little. lighten up. supposed to be fun here.

i am literaly shaking right now you pissed me off so bad

your missing the point.

Santa Monica College is not a UC. Its a college. California has a very structured system with a hierarchy: college < california state < university of california. For example, only University of California offers PhD.

But that makes sense, maybe not everyone is familiar with the details of the system.

above is right about USC. It private. I thought it was part of UC system.

SMU highly ranked private school. very hard to get into. Their law school is in top 52 LOL.

Regular business undergrad is top notch. The school is very exclusive and hard to get into. Just check it out.

to my limited knowledge it is known as and being referred to as UC Santa Monica.

The big banner on its main web page says University of California.

I am familiar with SMU. I am an academic. One of my friends is moving there (as faculty) over the summer. But you are probably correct — I am sure they have good programs. They are not well-ranked in my field, so I think of it as not great, but they probably have other great programs.

This is the UC logo, it is not on the SMC website.

thanks for stopping by. Maybe you could add some class to this thread.

It can get kind of Bawdy .

SMU’s law school is ranked in the 50s. It’s just okay.


according to who?

That’s also law school. Your kid isn’t applying to law school

USNews, which are the only rankings that matter.

BTW, I was not trying to be a dick, the reason I was bringing this up is community colleges in CA are geared towards “non-traditional” students, so its no surprise your son would have a hard time being admitted there.

he has not applied to any of the jucos there.

Let’s not poo-pop JCs. You’re talking to a JC grad right here. Took me 8 years, but a graduate none the less.

Ain’t no beaches in tally but tones of bitches :slight_smile: Miami is a private school so would cost you an arm and leg.

US News… are there other rankings that matter?

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