Way To Go Democrats

Remember when Cooley used to do their own law school rankings and they’d come in the top 5 every year?

Best Universities rank based solely on reputation.

back to the original subject of this thread.

If one fucking American tax penny is spent to pay for the education of a an illegal immigrant. it is too much. Way to much.

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makes you sign up

I went to JUCO for 3 semesters. best fun I have had in my entire life. fun as fuck. Had some good ass classes too. We talking stand and deliver motivated instructors. near riotous debates during class.

“this thread is bizarre”

It’s a John Cable thread. That’s par for the course and full of tall tales.

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oh here is Tex Douche. Still stalking me.

One minute he is telling the world how perfect Texas is. Next minute he is wringing his hands about the liberal takeover, and how horrible things have become.
Go suck your daddys dick ya little twink. LOL

Lol I’ve always said Texas was great (by no means perfect) and have been bitching about the “liberal takeover” for several years. Thanks for reiterating that.

You have become a net negative to the world. But thanks for the entertaining yarns and threads.


You should know that I know some people that you know! Your pushing it!

With that mouth of yours I understand why you carry a little gun in your pocket every where you go. LOL


Do you want to take this over to PM?

lol @ UC Santa Monica

Lol I’m actually a fan of your work I just enjoy giving you shit because you get so riled up. But yes I’d love for you to take this over to PM. Please do.

And I don’t carry a gun everywhere I go but I do on occasion. Normally at the hip not the pocket and it isn’t so little.

No one would agree with this, but our media hides it and average American voters are not paying attention.

hows all that altruism working out for you white man?

if you are talking to me. My program is going great. Im going to work for about two hours and get my shit ready for weekend rush. I will probably make a thousand bucks. If I dont I will ride my motorcycle or put my rv out somewhere.

All good here. worked at the same place for 33 years. I suffered as I hated the place for the most part. Suffering made me smart and hard. But now I have a huge state sponsored pension guaranteed for life.

I am an old fucker. And I will never forget my high school awards ceremony when my black brothers and sisters strutted across the stage collecting their grants, scholarships , checks. As they flaunted their huge afros and give it the one hand high black power sign. Free shit based on skin color . LOL. The only thing it did was make them weak.

Fast forward to a 20 year reunion and the dude getting most of the free shit at graduation ( minus afro) was working the crowd and begging for more money for his “church” . he was and is a smart guy and graduated with an engineering degree. But he would rather mooch and beg. LOL. WEAK MOTHER FUCKER.

Nothing changed since then There will be thousands of brown kids given full scholarships to great schools and their GPA, SAT and schoolwork pale in comparison. It doesn’t matter. Watch what happens. I believe Affirmative Action is a curse across the board, as much a curse to brown people as anybody.

I am thankful for all I have. I am also thankful for having a place ( The OG) where the nasty gritty truth can be told.

mea culpa. still trying to figure where that came from. LOL. got him!

Venezuelan refugees are going to be more right wing than breitbart when they finally vote. Tons of Venezuelans in Florida right now. My buddy is dating one

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As a friend of mine pointed out in college, there were tons of programs available and no one ever went down to the registrar and just worked them. He applied for fucking everything. There are more out there and people just don’t even try. That said, I of course agree nothing should be race based.

at least Im not boring.

Better to be an asshole than boring.

Wild yarns are entertaining yes indeed