Way to go Goran Reljic

From the AOL front page:

UFC's Goran Reljic Heard Car Crash in Sea, 'I Dove Into the Water and Punched the Window'
Posted Nov 21st 2008 11:31AM by Michael David Smith (author feed)
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Yesterday we passed along the news, first reported in the Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija, of the UFC fighter Goran Reljic hearing a car crash into the Adriatic Sea, and jumping out of bed, running into the water and rescuing the two men inside the car.

Athletes to the Rescue

Eric Jamison, APUFC fighter Goran Reljic saves the lives of two men whose car plummeted into the Adriatic Sea last month. Click through to see some other heroes from the world of sports. 13 photos (Note: Please disable your pop-up blocker)
Athletes to the Rescue
UFC fighter Goran Reljic saves the lives of two men whose car plummeted into the Adriatic Sea last month. Click through to see some other heroes from the world of sports.

Eric Jamison, AP

Tony Romo is well known for being a star quarterback and the boyfriend of singer Jessica Simpson, but for one Texas couple, he's also a knight in shining armor. Returning home after Dallas beat Cleveland earlier this season, Romo pulled over to assist Bill and Sharon White, who were stranded on the side of the road after their car tire blew out.

Scott Boehm, Getty Images

Former college and NFL star Brian Bosworth came to the aid of a woman who crashed her car into a ditch in Canada this past July.

Bernstein Associates / Getty Images

On July 3, Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez came to the aid of man choking to death in a Huntington Beach restaurant. "Tony saved my life. There's no doubt," the Chargers fan said.

Greg Trott, Getty Images

Criminals should think twice before entering the home of Noah Herron. The Packers running back used a post from his bed to foil a burglar in June.

Getty Images

A man who tried to extort an acquaintance of Terrell Brandon in February got more than he bargained for when the former NBA star set a trap for the crook and then snared him with the help of a friend.

Andy Hayt, NBAE / Getty Images

NASCAR's Dario Franchitti was caught without his pants on, but not without his wits, when a would-be robber surprised him in his home in January. Franchitti, wearing just his boxers, used his car (naturally) to help track down the intruder.

John Raoux, AP

Arizona quarterback Willie Tuitama and two teammates chased down a man who stole an armful of Wildcats football jerseys from a store in 2006. "I am glad we could help out," Tuitama said.

Elaine Thompson, AP

Benji Radach teaches an armed robber that it's never wise to mess with a mixed martial arts fighter. While Radach was out to eat at a diner a couple of years ago in Vancouer, he used his MMA skills to take down a man with a loaded gun who tried to rob the cash register.

Ross Dettman, Getty Images

Longtime NFL kicker Norm Johnson helped save a woman whose car overturned car in a water-filled ditch in December, 2007. Johnson, who lives in Silverdale, Wash., where the accident occurred, used a large rock to break a window before pulling the woman to safety.

Rick Stewart, Getty Images

Today we have more details, as told to UFC.com by Reljic's manager, Zoran Saric:

"Even suffering a severe lower back injury, and without any training and exercise in the past month and a half he risked everything, jumping under cold water and helping save lives," Saric told UFC.com Thursday night. "When I spoke with him earlier today, he said "I wasn't even thinking about my injury or about myself, I just dove into the water and started punching the window; there was only one thing on my mind, to save them."
Good thing Reljic has enough punching power to break a window.

In the newspaper article, Reljic is quoted as saying, "The only satisfaction I get is that both young men are alive and healthy, I don't need any praise, I simply did what anyone one would have done in that situation."

I'm not so sure that anyone would have done the same thing in that situation, but it is good to know that if your car crashes into the Adriatic Sea, you've got a good chance of emerging unscathed -- as long as Goran Reljic is around

Damn, how can you not like this guy?