Way to go Toronto

A wasted season and the best you can do now is get I beleive 7th or 8th in the draft lottery. Enjoy your draft day "steal" of Bob Sanguinetti

Toronto will continue its near perfect record of drafting complete shitpiles.


Thats not true Mark... they have both Pogge and Rask.

They have plenty of time to fizzle and flop.


Mark1 should not be uttering nonsense about Leaf prospects, as the Leafs prospects have done nothing but exceed expecations. Steen finished with close to 30 goals. Wellwood was spactacular and has already exceeded career expectations. Ponikarovsky does it all, and is one of the leagues most underrated players. If every Leaf was as good as Poni the Leafs would be the cup favs, but I've said enough on this. Mark1 is clearly trolling because the Leafs young talent is coming along quite nicely. It's common knowledge.

As for this thread, well, bottom line is this. Leaf nation knows the Leafs at their best this year could beat any team in a best 4 out of 7 when it counts. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the Leafs at their best, they were to busy under achieving disgracefully for most of the year. However, the last 10 games the Leafs looked more impressive than any team this year. Another Peoples Champ title for the Leafs.

"However, the last 10 games the Leafs looked more impressive than any team this year."

Except for New Jersey, Detroit and San Jose.

Any way you spin it, you can't polish that turd of a team.


WC17 you still speak shit!

Everything you throw out of your mouth is what if bullshit!!! Your Facts are very week at times and your statements are utter bullshit!

Awaiting your excuses for the firing of Pat Quiff, sorry I mean Pat Quinn.........


Brooks, don't ruin it !

WC's posts are gold, man !!!

Sorry JHR ......

I will "leaf" him alone....but he is a wack job @ the very best!


Yeah you need to prod gently as in:

"as the Leafs prospects have done nothing but exceed expecations"

That's not too hard when nothing is expected of them.

Jeff Ware, and Luca Cereda FTW!!!!