Ways to Fire Armando Garcia

Strategically I say it's better not to contact Armando Garcia regarding the Diaz situation. A dialog may have been worthwhile 2 years ago, maybe even a year ago, but presently, there is no other option: Garcia's contract must be terminated.

It is time overdue that this man was fired. Thus, people should contact whoever it is that can make this happen. Even the governor's office would not be too far a stretch. Pop them an email. Start a petition. If there's a prostitute hidden in his expenses, post it on the net.

Let it be known that he serves no one, and his actions benefit no sporting event. He merely upkeeps himself---as bizarre an investment that is, for such a scoundrel.

There is no use dialogging. Garcia, definitively, must be deposed.

MMA fans: Cut gordian knot!

How can one honestly get a governor appointed official out of office?????

Can I have his job?

Because one fighter would rather smoke pot than fight?

Nick creates his own disasters, his one redeeming quality was that he was an entertaining fighter, now he can't even do that.

He needs to grow the fuk up and stop being a bitch.

To get him out of his current position.....expose any actual dereliction of his duties in his position...such as conflict of interest, accepting bribes, any fraudulent activity or documented dishonesty in relation to his position.

Or if he ends up on a list of a busted escort ring....

well my question has nothing to do with the Nick thing, but just in general.