Ways to get better at running...without running??

OK I realize the best way to get better at running (faster, more endurance, etc.) is to run, whether it be LSD, tempo runs, sprint intervals, fartlek, etc. I'm injured (strained Achilles tendon) and running is a no go for a while. I've been hitting the elliptical machine a few days a week (up to 10 miles on level 3 or 4), done some aqua running (running suspended in deep water with a flotation device), and done some circuit training, such as some of the Crossfit "girls" workouts.

Anyone have any stories or advice of how they were able to improve their running times/running fitness without running?

It depends on the type of running you are aiming for.

For example, I was able to improve my sprint times by increasing my heavy squats, usually training in the 5 to 10 rep max range.

On the other hand, I was able to improve my endurance times doing much like you are doing, as well as doing boxing workouts, and other general longer time activities.

My best time I ever ran the Army PT test in, I didn't even train the 2 mile run beforehand. I had instead been doing lots of ruck marching, biking and sprinting type work.