Ways to watch Sengoku 10 w/o HDNet Fights?

Hey guys,
For those of us without HDNet Fights, are there any ways to get Sengoku 10 on like, an online PPV or some shit?

I HATE how difficult it is to watch MMA outside of the UFC.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


(Ha ha, sorry guys, I didn't see the other Sengoku 10 thread that already exists in this dojo)

sopcast/tvu player

best way

Is it channel 24267?

It says it's offline!

(Oh yeah, and is it at 2 or 3?) lol.

starts at 3


pm me for link

Im watching it on justins new "hd screen"..

Anyone know the fight order?

I like this Nansen guy's aggressiveness. Awesome.