WBU Boxing Champ at Cagewarriors 9

WBU Middleweight Boxing Champion Eugenio Monterio to Issue Challenge at Cagewarriors 9 Ultimate Fighting Show this Saturday in Sheffield, England.

Eugenio Monterio the WBU World Middleweight Champion set to issue a sensational challenge this Saturday at Cagewarriors 9: Xtreme Xmas at the Sheffield Octagon Centre

Sheffield, UK, December 16, 2004 -- The WBU World Middleweight Boxing Champion Eugenio Monterio moved to Portugal when he was five years old from his homeland of the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of West Africa. Originally a kickboxer, his career was cut short due to a leg injury at the age of 24, which forced him into a 5 year hiatus before returning to the squared circle as a boxer in November 2000.

However in 2003 frustrated by the Portuguese boxing scene Monterio travelled to Burnley, England to initially visit a friend and has been on an extra ordinary journey since, which started when he met with the 1980’s journeyman Wayne Barker and started to train in his Droylsden gym. This then and despite an early setback Monterio has hit some extreme highs by claiming famous victories over Gilbert Eastman, the big hitting Margate based fighter “Takaloo” and most famously a win over the Manchester based star Anthony Farnell who Monterio defeated in round ten of their WBU World Middleweight Title clash to become champion after a magnificent TKO victory in Farnell’s home town.

However since claiming the WBU Title in June, controversy has followed Monterio as he was placed under suspension by the British Boxing Board of Control in August. Frustrated by this Monterio or “Monte” as he is known to his friends has started to take an interest in the world of Ultimate Fighting instead, having trained with amateur boxing champion and now professional boxer Andy Butlin, whose brothers Ian and Dave are regulars on the UK Ultimate Fighting/Mixed Martial Art circuit.

Ultimate Fighting or Mixed Martial Arts (to give the sport its official name) is a multidisciplinary sport that contains a mix of striking, grappling and submissions and is sanctioned in America by the esteemed Nevada State Athletic Commission who also regulate boxing in the United States.

Monterio frustrated by his current inaction is now eager to dip his toes into this new and exciting sporting discipline and will be entering the Cagewarriors Octagon this Saturday at Cagewarriors 9: Xtreme Xmas in Sheffield to issue a challenge inside the 32ft titanium Cagewarriors octagon for a bout under “Caged Kickboxing” rules to take place at Cagewarriors 10: Strike Force on the 2nd April 2005.

Cage Kickboxing (like Ultimate Fighting) is another exciting new concept which some UK Ultimate Fighting organisations also promote. This hybrid sport which is taking the country by storm with its fast paced action and style also encompasses many traditional martial arts and Olympic sports such as Western Boxing, Thai Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu and many others in an exhilarating and modern combat sport setting.

Monterio hopes this revolutionary challenge will help to kick start his career and help him regain focus after a frustrating few months; however there are rumours that several UK Ultimate Fighters are already interested in accepting Monterio’s challenge and to showcase their modern cross-trained skills.

But for now the clock ticks down until Saturday evening when history will be made during Cagewarriors 9: Xtreme Xmas in the Steel City of Sheffield, as a current and regaining World Boxing Champion brings his title and issues an open challenge to the UK Ultimate Fighting fraternity for what would be an unprecedented World Champion boxer vs. Ultimate Fighter clash under hybrid Cage Kickboxing rules.

For more information of this event and of Ultimate Fighting/Mixed Martial Arts please contact the Cagewarriors Fighting Championships News/Media Manager Ian Dean at iandean@cagewarriors.com

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the card also features 3 ATT Superstars, Roungh House/E.N.D Squad members Dan Hardy and Paul Daley and the fight for the vacant 155lb belt featuring Gerald and Dave Roach!!!

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