WCF 9/21/07 in Mass-Fight Card

On Sept 21, virgin promoter (Do I mean he's never been laid or that this is his first fight? You'll have to ask him.) Joe Cavallaro is putting on an amazing night of fights at The Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, MA.

Every ticket in the place is a seated ticket, even the $35 ones, and it's set up with stadium style seating, so unless the guy in front of you is 9 feet tall, you'll be able to see fine.

Here is the fight card that we put together.

Super Fights

Aguilano Brandao (BMAC) vs. Joe Cushman (RSD-Team Aggression)

Mike Varner (Boneyard) vs. Randy Rowe (Savage)

Featured Fights

Woody Weatherby (Renzo Gracie NH) vs. Chandler Holderness (Wai-Kru)

Belleton Frederic (SSSF) vs. Jerry Spiegel (Jack Daniels BJJ)

Bobby Dias (Boneyard) vs. JP Cristini (Savage)

Dan Lauzon (RSD-Aggression)vs. Wayne Harnois (Bruteforce)

Ronnie Wuest (groundforce) vs. Jesse Peterson (SSSF)

Jonas Fernandez (BMAC) vs. Adrian Fulk (Santos)

Main Card

Mike Deleo (Savage) vs. Greg Sterns (forget the name, but it's Leigh MacNeil's school)

Phil Gizzi (Rail City MMA) vs. Jarod Tirel (leigh's place)

Sean Ratcliffe (Renzo Gracie NH) vs. Nick Tzimas (forget the name, but it's Bill Luff and Matt Lee's new school)

Seth Davis (Leigh's place) vs. Mike Curtis (vassopoli's)

Jason Doloff (Rumford Hardcore) vs Charlie Thomas (Savage)

Jim Gonzales (RSD-Aggression) vs. Greg Croteau (Anubis Grappling)

Jamie Campbell (not sure..formerly with dragon warrior andis now with a kickboxing school) vs. Bobby Gallant (bruteforce)

Dan Bonnell (Renzo Gracie NH)vs. Geo Sontay (Dragon Lair)

How'd we do?

You guys using the Unified rules as far as elbows and knees?

Not on all the fights. As of right now, just Varner vs. Rowe, but I'm waiting to hear back on rules in Cushman vs. Brandao.


You know Cush will say yes to elbows and knee's, guess its on Brandao.
When is Brandao fighting Grandmaison again?

Maybe on our next show..

I have a ton of respect for Wayne. He's is a tough, rugged guy who stepped up and took the fight with Dan when not many others would.

Rowe vs. Varner will be entertaining

"Unified rules as far as elbows and knees?"

 The Venue is concerned about rules. This is their first Event.

We want to be invited back so we are going to limit it to Randy and Varner fight.

We'll see next show.

Nice guys!

I'd like to make it out so I can check out Mike Varner vs. Randy Rowe and Cush/ Aguilano...

TTT for Joe Cav!!!!!!  Card looks good.  I am glad to see JimLau back in the ring. 

Bobby Dias is fighting...Word up.


Rick... i have a boner right now.. that card is pretty sick

Bobby JP will be fun to watch

Good luck Joe Cav and Rick.

jimlau is a tough bastard.

TTT for Joe Cav!

"What's the venue?"

The Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, MA.

Frederic v Spiegel could be one hell of a fight

I like that one too...Bobby vs. JP is also a favorite of mine...obviously the superfights are my favorites, but I'm excited about the whole card. Even the brand new guys bring exciting credentials to the table.

do you have a listing of the fights with their team names too??