WCW 4 Horsemen

Does anyone know who all was in the Horsemen in WCW, I really can't remember but I thought there might have been a couple different versions of it like NWO,

My friend and I have been racking our brains, and no one else has been any help...Thanks in advance!

flair, anderson, sting, mcmichael, benoit, sid? pillman? curt henning i think for a little while, tully blanchard, jj dillon

i know im forgetting people


wow, there was a while there where I didn't watch wcw, didn't know about Pillman or Roma.

Cool, thanks!

Ole Anderson, Lex Luger, and Barry Windham have yet to be mentioned

I believe Jeff Jarrett was in it for awhile too?

These were many versions of The Four Horsemen, but every roster contained both Ric Flair & Arn Anderson. Straight from memory so the orders may be messed up:

Version 1: Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn & Ole Anderson (technically J.J. Dillon was, but wasn't counted)

Version 2: Ole out, Lex Luger in

Version 3: Luger out, Barry Windham in

Version 4: Blanchard gone, Sid Vicious in

Version 5: Brief Face version: Vicious gone, Sting in, Ole returns (as a manager, but is counted)

Version 6: Sting long gone, Paul Roma in (the worst IMO)

Version 7: Chris Benoit & Brian Pillman in (could have been much better than it was)

Version 8: Jeff Jarret & Dean Malenko in

Version 9: Curt Hennig accepts Arn Anderson's spot

Version 10: Final version includes Flair, Anderson (manager), Malenko, Benoit & Steve McMichaels (poorly booked, McMichaels didn't fit in)

it seems that WCW sunk a lot of money ino McMichael and wanted to get something back for it


The face version was before the Sid version. In fact, it was the events of the face version(Sting gettign a title shot against Flair) that turned them heel again. Sting was "injured", and Luger got that shot instead. Flair then eventually lost to Sting and Sid joined. Windham was also back at this point(after a short WWF run - Widowmaker anyone?). At one point, the horseman "kidnapped" the champion Sting, had Windham replace him, and job the title to Sid. The real Sting then ran out, and kicked Sid's ass.

Yeah BiggGunn, you're right. I still remember the promo at the Clash where the face Horsemen were in the ring, turned on Sting & demanded he give up his title shot. Very intense angle. Flair: "Get out of this sport...get out of my life!"

Then later in the night, Sting tried to climb the cage to get at Flair, & LEGIT fell and blew out his knee. Tough break as he needed surgery & was out for several months.

I also remember when Luger got the shot, Sting came out on crutches & slapped Luger mid match to motivate him. Luger was still a heel at that point, but made the change to face when he saved Sting from an attack from Arn & Ole, sacrificing his title shot to "save" his friend. That was some good stuff!

I don't understand why LUGER never beat FLAIR. He was actually at one point with NWA more over than STING was. Why didn't they let LUGER take it from FLAIR? Then they brought in RICKY and I was happy but...still...

"I don't understand why LUGER never beat FLAIR. He was actually at one point with NWA more over than STING was. Why didn't they let LUGER take it from FLAIR? Then they brought in RICKY and I was happy but...still..."

Flair was supposed to drop the NWA belt to Luger at the Great American Bash 91 (?). Flair was in the midst of a contract dispute with the WCW President Jim Herd. Flair wound up no showing the event & Luger pinned Barry Windham in a steel cage for the now vacant World title.

Throughout the entire card, the fans would chant "WE Want Flair!" which kind of put a damper on Luger's title reign right from the beginning. Plus Flair actually OWNED the Gold Belt & refused to hand it over. So Luger won the title, but had the cheap looking belt.

The problem for both Luger & Sting as Champion, was that their programs (outside of with Flair) just didn't draw money. They were better utilized chasing the belt against Flair, then defending it against others.

I thought Luger's win was at Superbrawl 2 in Feb. 92?

Luger actually dropped the title to Sting at Superbrawl 92.

Here's a link to the complete history of the NWA?WCW World Title:


It's still hard to believe it's gone.

I forgot who it was back in the early nineties who broke Sting's ribs.
Was that from the Horsemen or was the just a "show"?