wcw wrestler in RFC 24

WCW star Craig "the marine" Pittman will be fighthing in RFC july 29th. For full bout card visit www.rfcmma.com

Craig"pitbull"Pittman has fough mma in japan

How old is he ? Man he has got to be late 40s early 50s by now?

Yes he is ,looks 35 and looking real good in gym. Never let himself go.

That is great! Who is he fighting?

 He fought in, I believe, JVT 95, the tournament that Rickson won.....I may be off by a year or so though, as this is off of pure memory...

Jihn Juarez from Geogia visit www.rfcmma.com

Pittman is a stud and a super nice guy.  I have brought my wrestling team to camps he has worked and is one of the best big man coaches around.  

Although not very flattering (HL film for "THE MAN") below....   Pittman was one of the few opponents that went out after Karelin and didn't just try to survive....From the 1989 World Championships:


I believe you are correct Tom. I remember seeing that in Choke.

Funny story: I met him years ago at a wrestling event. Back then I was in the Army and dabbling in pro rasslin...

I braced him up backstage about the whole "Marine" thing. I hate it when people fake a military background to get over in wrestling...

Well... he got in my ass!!! Needless to say, I quickly found out that at the time, he was a Sergeant in the USMC, and I, being but a humble Sergeant in the Army, well, I found myself doing some rather physical exercises while other wrestlers looked on.

(in military talk: his date of rank was higher... Plus, I tried to punk him, and failed, so I manned up...)Lesson learned: don't call out somebody for being a fake Marine unless you are damn sure what you are saying is true!!!

So, to former USMC Sergeant Craig Pittman, I say: Semper Fi, Marine! Best wishes on your upcoming fight.

Yes Craig is a serious guy. Always live a clean life . Is a sheriff now for hills co. Has been traing to fight for over a year before saying anything.

Craig was my first wrestling coach when I started training last year. Definitely still in great shape and is a wrecking machine. I'll be there to watch him win.

For those in the area I believe he still teaches over at Elite Training Center in St. Pete.

Yes he is at Elite.

Our condolences go out to Sgt. Craig " pitbull" Pitman for losing his father.