We all owe Bruce Lee immensley!

Everyone gives credit to the gracies for starting NHB. And 2 a certain extent that's true. But the man who truly started it all was Bruce. His philosophy as JKD- "no way as the way" is what MMA is all about. It's time we all pay homage to this former demi-god and call a spade a spade. Bruce Lee is Mixed Martial Arts personified. Boom, end of story!

I would adopt bruce as my own father

bruce owes it to old world shoguns and ninjas.

those were the 1st mma'rs


Fuck the haters, WAR LEE!!!!

nope. now that i think about it, we owe it to the cavemen who used to hit each other in the heads with stones and dinosaur clubs.


we don't owe shit to the cavemen. fuck you!

If u want to take it back that far we owe it earliest protazoan life forms that battled it out to evolve and thrive in a world of combatant DNA and mutatations gone awry.

fuck them too.

Bruce believed in training vs resisting opponents. I am sure he got down at some point

JOB- chill man- God loves u dude! As for Bruce of course he fought don't be stupid be totally manhandled Walker Texas Ranger according to my sources. Bruce is only second to Rickson in the history of fighting!

JohnyBlaze is correct!

You can't hate Bruce.

But if you do, I'll fucking skullfuck you!

Watch the beggining of enter the dragon... looks like a shoot match to me.

Bruce is my eternal savior and my pillar of which I reside behind in times of tribulation.

TTT for Bruce Lee.

no it wasn't!

overpaid my bill, I think he owes me now...