We Already Do That...

Hi all,

Just wanted to post a little thought here. Last week I was working with some very good martial artists - taking them through some of the BASICS of the TCMS toolbox and the PDR. While most of them seemed to really enjoy it and apply themselves to the training, one gentlemen was a bit stand-offish through the whole session. While he was polite, which I was very grateful for, he in general remarked that everything we were doing - he had already done before. We were covering some of the basics of the SPEAR, Emotional Climate Training, NVP, etc. from TNT (Tony's Nasty Toolbox). What was very interesting to me was the fact that "if" he had been doing "the same things" for so long - some of it had not taken root in his movements. He was gracious enough to have things pointed out to him (diplomatically, of course) and did make corrections, but the whole experience was a bit surreal.

So, that led to a further epiphany for me of Tony's ongoing frustration with the MA community in general. Whilst many of us sit around and look at his stuff and say, "Well, that's just common sense." or "We were already doing that..." the real truth of the matter is that IT IS UNCOMMON SENSE and WE MOST LIKELY WERE NOT DOING THAT!

I was once one of those who believed that I had been there, done that, got the T-shirt with Tony's material. Now three years later I can confidently state that if you believe that you are already doing what is contained in the TCMS curriculum you are somewhat delusional or a genius. Either way, you need to hook up with Tony and TCMS. In the first instance, your survivability (and that of your students) will skyrocket, or in the second case the two of you should be able to change the MA world even more quickly into what it ought to be.

Thus endeth the sermon.

Your thoughts?

Dr. C

Nice Eric.

ANd thank you.


I too, have experienced a great deal of frustration in
this vein.

Up until very recently, I was living in syracuse and
helping to run classes at my Sifu's kung fu school.
There were times, when in attempting to integrate coach
Blauer's material, I was met with the "oh, that's just
like this..." response.

Like Adam and Eric, I too experienced a revalation at
the PDR seminar. I'm still dealing with some of the
ramifications of those revelations...

Coach Blauer's stuff makes so much sense that egotistically, we want to say that we've been using it
all along. Unfortunately, this sort of denial and
arrogance serves no real function in our training.

To really get the most out of any system, you must
analyze it and embrace it, not just try to prove that
it's part of your own.

Food for thought.


Guys I whole heartily share your positions. I been TRAINING/PRACTICING for 34 years and only touch the surface of COACH TB's concepts & principles.

I can state, I have not done "it" to that degree.

Thanks COACH!

L. Nat