We are in a world war with China

Now you guys know how PNW feels about Californians

Great thread

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Yeah, it is terrible. I hope you are wrong though.

My brother was convinced at the beginning of covid that the housing market would go up in flames like back in what was it? 2008 or something. I told him that isn’t a possibility, our loans are done differently, but besides that, as soon as something comes on the market in a high traffic area, you can bet your ass there’s gonna be a chinese person buying it up… why do we allow people from a communist country to buy up our properties?

Don’t attribute Paul Martin’s work to Harper, especially since he wanted to undo everything Martin did. If it wasn’t for Flaherty stopping Harpers attempt at Reaganomics, you wouldn’t be holding him in such high regard.

Is that Paul, “I register my billion dollar shipping company out of the Bahamas to avoid Canadian taxes”, Martin you are speaking of ?

We didn’t have a mortgage banking crisis because the CMHC (government) insures the sub prime mortgages and yes we had them, just not to as unqualified as the US did. Unconventional mortgages backed by CMHCThey have been around longer than Martin or Harper.

I don’t want to argue with any of guys about it.

We can agree to disagree.

Not limited to China, but India as well. Those countries have billions of people between them. They got to move somewhere I guess.

But he tweets insensitive things.

Who’s beholden to China?

Many contries. When the vast majority of products are made in china that = being wrapped around their little finger.
This was always their plan to gain economic dominance and it has worked.

ah, i see. we could move manufacturing somewhere else, but it will cost us. is that china’s fault?

Might be China’s fault for supporting slave wage labour…

Well, that’s how communism usually works. People earn shit and the government subsidizes the cost of everything.

Yeah, and we non communists should have never got into bed with them in the first place…but that bed is already made.

Are you suggesting that this uber globalization is superior to local manufacturing?

I am aware of the free market and the advantages/ pitfalls of capitalism so I don’t need to be sat down and have that explained.

I don’t think anyone can dispute China’s control/dominance over the world. It’s irrefutable at this point.

In 2020 a deadly virus emanates from China - somehow avoiding their 1.4 billion population - and then the rest of the world closes shop whilst ordering all their PPE from said country.

Can you imagine the reaction if the virus had come from Mexico or the Middle East?

I’m far from a Trump supporter, but the idea he was wrong on everything is childish. His bullish stance on China was absolutely correct. From his claims of bias/corruption from the WHO (proven), to his dissatisfaction with the one-sided trade deals inherited from previous administrations.

Fuck it, even Hollywood is too far gone. Re-releasing Avatar in China during a global pandemic to reclaim the top grossing spot. Disney +’s 2 PPV movies in the last 12 months have been Raya and the Last Dragon and Mulan. Shang -Chi on its way from Marvel etc etc. And that’s just the obvious stuff.

Take a look at Tencent’s dominance in the video game industry. It’s staggering.

I am suggesting that comparative advantage lowers prices for consumers and increases profits for corporations. It has its pitfalls obviously specifically displaced labor and the retraining of that labor force as well as dependencies on other countries. But theoretically other countries would be dependent on us for other things as well. That’s how comparative advantage works. But the first world has done a very poor job at offshoring blue collar work and not retraining their displaced labor forces.

So on the pro side you have cheap shit item’s that people can buy.
On the con side an empire can be brought to its knees.
Alowing a country with natural resources, a labor force and a market to offshore it’s manufacturing is complete insanity for that country to do. Negligence is an understatement for a government that allows that.
I’m so sick of these snot goblblers (not you ) that have tried to make the case over the years.
For a country with natural resources and a workforce there will be a natural surplus that can be exported.
For less fortunate country’s without as many resources, they can put their own damn pants on. And for the bleeding hearts that want to make the case we should be helping by giving them our job’s, i say if we really wanted to help we wouldn’t be allowing predatory lending .