We did it, folks. BIDEN ADMIN WITH OIL AT $5.00!

Its above your head…So all you need to know is that Bidens policies have caused fragilities.


I see. Is that your way of saying “I don’t know”?

Systemic fragilities.

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im not deflecting anything

i KNOW this is a result of Bidens energy policies

you dont agree … no worries

just wondering if we can agree on this

we do know … we’ve told you

you are just too stupid to comprehend

so i’m dumbing it down for you…

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Well, maybe I’d agree, if you’d just tell me which policies have caused the problem and how. Because without being able to do that it really seems like by you “KNOW”, you just mean you “FEEL”.


Dude I’ve said it 1000 times on here. Just go back and read the thread

You ask. I type you ask again

Call you a retard

Rinse repeat

No worries

Abc Reaction GIF by The Bachelorette

I mean it’s great that you have time to make 30 posts a day explaining why you’re not answering the question but you could have just answered the question. I’m certainly not combing through 500 posts of bullshit looking for a nugget of gold.

For all I know, when you say the answer is in the thread, you are referring to nonsense like your previous “it’s his fault because in 2019 when he was a candidate he told some people on a lawn that he was going to end fossil fuels, this explains the gas price spike in 2022”.

Lack of incentive investments into Oil infrastructure.

The tax incentives and Federal Reserve money printing went to Green Energy Projects through Green Bonds. The banks used a guise called ESG investing. Even removed Exxon from the Dow Jones Index.

I dont know if you comprende…so Systemic Fragility.

Oh orcus

You’re so silly

Biden says he’s going to end fossil fuels

supply side does not invest because of bidens rhetoric and policies

The demand jumps as COVID ends and supply can’t keep up

Prices spike in

and now Biden realizes he made a big mistake and goes to beg the companies to supply more

Notice Putin/ war /ukraine isn’t mentioned once

Now go fuck off


Ok. So a politician made an announcement that he was going to do something by 2035.

So these companies decided not to “invest” because of the claim of a politician who would be out by 2025 and has not yet taken any real steps toward that end, and chose to hold back production.

So ultimately it’s all because Joe Biden said a mean thing. The power of words in action! Thanks for answering. Now I can make my decision: I don’t agree that that caused the spike.

Surprise, surprise dorcus/cph ignoring reality while giving the DNC spin

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Wow big jump Feb-Mar. Anything big happen at that time? Just asking questions. Maybe this is when the oil execs saw the 2019 youtube video of Biden’s campaign promise?

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I’m tellin ya man. I can just FEEL IT!

Spoken like a true business owner

Elle oh fucking elle

It takes money to make new investments.

The oil companies get money in the following ways : sales revenue, borrowing, sale of assets.

We can still just stick to systemic fragility.

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The most powerful man in the world said he was going to end the oil industry lol

Stop trying to downplay it

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Lol! Sorry, didn’t realize your stupidity also impeded your ability to recognize when your being mocked and imitated.