We don't talk about theme songs here a lot...

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There’s a lot of good newer ones, IMO.

–Nak’s original (not his heel one)







Harder to compare curreng generation(s) themes to say from the attitude era as those were licensed, actual songs from mainstream artists - American Bad Ass by Kid Rock (UT), Metalingus by AlterBridge (Edge), etc.

“American Made” Hulk Hogan’s theme in WCW! Not as iconic as “Real American “ but still pretty good.

dennis5 -

“American Made” Hulk Hogan’s theme in WCW! Not as iconic as “Real American “ but still pretty good.

Speaking of Real American.  Why doesn't WWE put Rick Derringer in the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame.  He did American and Demolitions theme song.  He also produced and played on the first two WWF albums.  He should get some recognition.

Siciliano di Brooklyn - https://youtu.be/Vhb79V4ae70

I wish they still used this every year.Its a 50 hour show there is plenty of opportunity to fit it in and still have another "official song" they can make money off of

This and the summerslam themes should still be used too


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Siciliano di Brooklyn -
MMApurist - 

Shinsuke Nakamura's theme from a few years ago

I'm an old school fan but of the new stuff I've heard that was probably my favorite of that decade or era

Two-time NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura debuts on SmackDown LIVE: SmackDown LIVE, April 4, 2017 - YouTube

I still like his NJPW music better


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TheBearStare -

Getting puroresu on you




Grand fucking Sword FTW


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This along with Nak's and Balors are my favorite from this generation. 

From this generation; 

naks first song Shen he came up 


I really like rhea’s song   Fits her well

I was a big fan of the “Raw is WAR” theme “Thorn in Your Eye/ All Together Now” mix ! Got me pumped during the Attitude Era for some wrasslin violence!

Siciliano di Brooklyn - https://youtu.be/4J01KpBsipI

These guys terrified me as a kid. As an adult their homoerotic gimp outfits are fucking hilarious. 

![Full Career Retrospective and Greatest Moments for Demolition | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights](upload://wHWfbE1CsywYsuypaxXedFEgCGX.jpeg)

Demolition | WWE

![Pulp Fiction - Bring Out the Gimp - YouTube](upload://phO9cpRrA8iBRItfw4bnhV1Jq4p.jpeg)



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