"We followed FREEDOM, not FAUCISM" - DeSantis

$10 billion in state budget reserve. Booming economy. Infrastructure.

“The reasons are clear ― Florida is successful because we are OPEN and let Floridians make decisions that are best for them. Florida’s budget has $10 billion in reserve because Florida chose Freedom over Faucism.” DeSantis


Marxists hate him


What about California?

Im told by OGers that Cali is being run by libtards and follows Faucism…

Didnt cali have like a 70 billion dollar surplus during pandemic?

why do they have the biggest and strongest economy in the states?

Followed by libtard haven New York.

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California lost ppl last census while Florida gained. This is about trends Pedra. Callate la boca

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Yeah Newsom has a bunch of money that wasn’t spent on anything while he destroyed people’s livelihoods with the lockdown. Meanwhile he was dining at the French laundry like an aristocrat


Rebekah Jones destroyed this narrative.

The proven liar? She’s so fake Twitter banned her even as a dem.


To hang your troll hat on that whackjob is to destroy any semblance of a believable troll.

Troll better.

But aren’t Cali and NY the biggest and strongest economies in USA?

Haven’t they been libtard havens for a while?

DeSantis beat Gillum by 0.4% in the race for governor and that was AFTER the married Gillum was involved in a drug fueled orgy that turned into a severe medical emergency and overdose. It’s not difficult to imagine how different things would have been during Covid in Florida, if not for that incident and incredibly narrow, upset victory for DeSantis.

Without the leadership of Texas and Florida, we could easily still be on lockdown across the United States to this day until, 70, 80, 90% of the total population was completely vaccinated.


Not due to liberal policies. Tech and financial sectors.

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What about the state that for one of the first times in history has a net population loss because everyone is fleeing to places like Florida? Yeah what about it… fucking moron.

Oh so is that why Florida is doing better now?

Libtard exodus from Cali to Florida

Lockdown’ states like California did better economically than ‘looser’ states like Florida, new COVID data shows

The 2 top ones are CA and TX. The top 4 are CA TX NY and FL, two red states and two blue states. Both Ny and CA are old money. FL and TX are where all of the new investments are going.

Lol at a university of California Los Angeles study being reliable. There’s zero reason any right leaning person should trust easily manipulated social science data from universities, especially universities in far left states like California

I wasn’t able to find any methodology of that undoubtedly politically skewed report. The link showed a web page.

DeSantis beat Gillum in 2018.

Gillum’s drug orgy was in 2020.

Thanks. My drug orgy was last week, so pardon my error.

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