We got Kwame Brown beotches!!!

U might as well gift wrap that trophy and send it to Detroit. Just kidding. Someone would steal that trophy before it got to the Palace. It is Detroit after all.

Lol @ the Pistons, I really hope you guys don't actually think he'll help your team- hands of stone, zero basketball IQ, zero heart.

Maybe you can trade him to Memphis for the other Gasol?

I was stoked as shit when I saw this go through. Start the above video about two minutes in. How this stiff keeps getting contracts I will never figure out, but Im just glad its the pistons :P

I will wait for Mr Kindbud to respond to this!!..LOL!!

 ^ LOL!!

he has worse hands than a sea captain w/ 2 hooks.

He has hands are worse than someone who doesn't even have hands.

all other big men in the east would have to shrink to a mugsy bogues level, and then maybe he's an allstar reserve.