We love our cell phones

"We love cell phones. We love them to death. For all kinds of reasons. I mean, can you imagine? Suppose 20yrs ago Congress has proposed a law saying every citizen had to wear a radio transponder around his neck, all day and night, so the Government could track him wherever he went. Can you imagine the outrage? But instead the citizens did it themselves. In their pockets and purses, not around their necks, but the outcome is the same."

Enjoy your iOS7 updates my friends Phone Post 3.0

I keep my phone locked in a faraday cage. Reception sucks though.

I'm tired of Big Brother monitoring my post but not giving me any vtfu Phone Post 3.0

They only track the intellectuals. Be dumb my friend. Very dumb....

I posed the same argument a while back over everyone "checking in" on fb. Phone Post 3.0