We need a Shorts sponsor...

For one of our fighters on Feb 23rd.

Please contact me:  frankbishop@mammothse.com

For more information.

This is for the XFO show on Feb 23rd.

who's the fighter and might want to change date in post. you have Sept.23

also...look for Joe Vedepo to wreck some fool this event!

Dude, get in touch with Vince from Friction Athletics.

By the way. Is that Nick Janowitz guy from Chicago? I know him.


Tony, thanks for the TTT.  Believe it or not, I still have a shirt for you...signed! lol

Hey, let me know if Bullet has some shorts!


He's just looking for a pair of shorts?


Frank, Who's the fighter, and what are you looking for?

It's amazing how little information was communicated through this post.


Tony and Quik have mma mail