We need an official Brendan Schaub comedy thread

said no one ever B…

But seriously, has anyone actually watched the new special? I think the 1.1/10 is unwarranted, as I found the highly edited 24 minute YouTube special somewhat entertaining…as it reminded me a lot of Rogan’s older work. The feminine walking back and forth, voices, mountain lions, and even aliens. I give it a solid 3/10 because LA comedy set the bar super low for me.

In case you are out of the loop.

No we dont. Get out. Youre banned.


Did Schaub give you a free bottle of CDB oil to make this post?


Remember when Joe Rogan sat him down and gave him the talk about fighting? He really needs one for his new comedy gig.


Just checked and Schaub’s recent apology episode on Tiger Belly already has more views then his special. I met him once at a movie theater and he was pretty friendly but listening to him over the years on podcasts has made it really difficult to root for unfortunately.


No I asked for Thicc Boy vapes but all I got was a hoodie.


You’re fine dude this isn’t a hate thread. It’s just about his comedy, which is fair game in the real world.

You just don’t know cawlmedy, papa.

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fast forward to 29:00




Anyone catch Brenda on Kill Tony last night?

Anyone catch the joke he stole from Bill Burr?

He told a joke?

He was on as a guest? Or was he pulled putta the bucket?

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It came from someone else which is the only way he can be funny.

They go after him on Reddit.

As Dan Soder said on The Bonfire, Gringo Papi belongs on the Mt Rushmore of shittiest comedy specials.

The guy that laughs in the background of Tim Dillon’s podcast cracks me up. Sometimes he just bust out laughing. I guess he’s the computer guy running the podcast.