We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

Anyone listen to hinchcliffe and Hans Kim?

Nothing special. Hans has some serial killer vibes though.
I thought I could remember Will Harris going hard at Rogan during the “n-bomb” compilation days. Surprised Rogan had him on.

i actually listened to the hinchcliffe ep, on 2x speed. waste of time tbh. listening to a casual like hinchcliffe go on about mma and combat sports is brutal.
hans didnt say hardly anything the first 45mins.

was the will harris ep any good?

jesus, these jre eps r useless this week


Harris talked about his tinder exploits for a full hour lol was awful. I dont want to hear about that kind of personal life crap, thats not why i tune in to rogan.

Cannot stand the way Hans Kim speaks

Slow, elongating words with vocal fry

Rogan admitted scrub doesn’t have the best stand up

Ya found that interesting.

Will Harris reminded me of this

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