We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

same here, Ive probably listened to a dozen episodes in the last year. zero since the move to spotify.

I listened to almost every episode from #125 - #900 or so.

That whole “presentation” was very uncomfortable.
Eric had played out how this whole thing would go in his head a million times, down to the face he would make when he brought up the pullthatupjamie.com URL, and NONE OF IT went the way he planned.
I felt bad for him, but I also understood where Joe was coming from to some degree.
It would’ve gone much smoother if Eric had told Joe ahead of time, since Joe has let people like Graham Hancock do visual presentations before.

Eric is just very aspie.



Eric is very much on the spectrum

see if it plays from here

I didn’t listen to the Demi Lovato show, but I saw her picture in the clips on youtube. I didnt know this about her.

anyone else think joe says “horrific” too often?

Man, I tried to continue on but it’s just too painful.
Eric completely unravels after Joe fucks up his big moment and he’s unable to recover.

I really like Dan Crenshaw but holy shit this first hour is painful because Joe is being cunty. He’s asking Dan to explain things in such an inane detail that it feels like the Alex Jones episode.

Hopefully it gets better but the tension is unnecessary.

ya first little bit was a bit awkward but it gets better and they end on a good note. think joe inadvertently called crenshaw stupid 3 times in the first half hour. including when he decides to pull that chris rock clip out that shits on both repub and dems and calls them both stupid with crenshaw, a full blooded repub, is sitting right there lol.

dont get why crenshaw isnt interested in running for pres. i think hed have the best chance out of all repubs unless tulsi jumps ship, which she should. the eye patch and seal background alone is enough for most young ppl to vote for him.

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I would love to see him run. As more progressives push other liberals to think and vote more along the lines of someone like Tulsi, I think that’s were the really sensible candidates like Crenshaw and Gabbard make a run. To initiate any momentum it would mean there would have to be clean support from the RNC or DNC and we clearly know that at least the DNC is incapable of that. I think Tulsi probably saw enough corruption where she probably doesn’t engage in national politics ever again.

lol - I find it fascinating the way his mind works. He went on a whole rant about his particular experience at Harvard as though it is at all relevant to the listeners. Naming particular staff members who were mean to him, and so on.

And he constructs his sentences as though he, and his interests, are the center of everything.

There is never much linear, outward, narrative flow, in his episodes. He is like a well of gravity, sucking in others interests, and attention.

That said, I don’t dislike him. But he is an unusual fella.

GSP on today. Great episode. They got into conspiracies towards the end too and didnt just talk mma. One of the better JRES recently.


You didn’t see the relevance?? He’s saying the system is totally currupted.
Im not a huge eric weinstin fan but i actually wanted to hear what he had to say this episode as it actually was some shit that sounded interesting. I felt like slapping joe if I was there. He’s a dumb mother fucker these day. He’s legit got dumber over the years to the point it’s frustrating to listen to. He loves to talk about stupid shit. I cant even begin to list the dumb shit that frustates me about him.

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Really enjoyed the latest science dude podcast with Brian Greene. Joe hung in there really well this time. Usually, he struggles with these types of guests but it seems as if he acknowledged he’s weak here and greatly improved and he did a really good job this time. Kudos to Joe. One of his best ‘science dude’ podcasts.

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I havn’t watched it yet, but his last episode with Greene was also great. Though Greene is a master of explanation anyway.

Like, Degrasse Tyson, he is very good at breaking extremely complex subject matter down into a comprehensible form. He is also entertaining whilst doing it too. An important point.

I thought NDT was a bit cunty his last appearance. Greene seems to be much more friendly as well as being much more intelligent and accomplished, no offense to NDT.

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I agree, that last episode with NDT was weird. He was cutting Joe off so much it was almost comical. I think Joe was getting a bit angry actually. Generally though Neil is alright.

Greene has done a bunch of live shows with Dawkins. You might enjoy those (if you don’t know about them already).

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Jesus that video of Weinstein, Breyer and Joe is one of the funnier things I’ve ever seen. The music really sets the tone.

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