We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

Sebastian Junger’s story about nearly dying and going to hell was interesting.

I love his never-ending series of lifesaving coincidences that he encountered, because his body is interfacing with some kind of metaphysical knowledge of some sort, or whatever new-age mumbo jumbo. Why not just swallow your pride and call it “God” at that point?

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ANybody else notice theres no vid for the episode released today with edward slingerland? got spotify is shit lol.

Works for me. Maybe your phone is shit?

Im on PC not phone.

k its working on spotify pc app but not chrome for some reason.

ANybody else found Joe a bit hostile during the episode today with the female harvard professor who kept crying lol.

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There was a moment where Joe seemed to get into a what-about-ism with her earlier on the podcast which ultimately was a point she made earlier that Joe agreed with, but just forgot she didn’t say it earlier. Outside of that, Joe was really with her in this podcast and he came to tears himself a few times, which can only speak to him empathizing with her.

yeah, im listening to it now, he seems a little pushy. not his usual accepting tone

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I still love the podcast but it’s painful to listen to him sometimes when he strongly argues idiotic points.

She makes a point about the importance of testosterone in the mating competition of deer and asks how that might relate to fighting.

Anyone with a brain cell can see that there’s some similarities between that and the motivations of human conflict and the desire to conquer and strive but Joe just can’t seem to understand it.

He then goes off completely on the wrong side of the argument and spouts his “dire physical consequences” analogy repeatedly as if the two things are totally unrelated.

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Huge Rogan fan but i find I am tuning in a lot less. I understand why he can’t just speak his mind but you can really sense that he is walking a constant tightrope and knows that any minute he could offend someone without intending to.

It must be exhausting, because it’s exhausting to constantly listen to him trying to talk people down off a ledge before he gives his opinion now.

Sign fo the times I guess. He has always seemed like a good guy, but being a straight white male with too much test he is a target now and needs to act accordingly

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