We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

Video support is finally up on spotify’s smarttv apps, about fucking time

I have smart samsungs’ and the app is still audio only… I thought it was video everywhere? The 1 TV with a firestick will do video but I thought it was video everywhere now??

Update your app or delete and reinstall. I’m watching jre video on my Samsung smarttv app right now

I love the whole Bruce Lee thing. I’m of an age where he was an influence on what would eventually become my martial arts career.

Unfortunately, I actually kind of think Tarantino has knowledge of Lee that is correct and not too flattering. Some of it was already out there.


Where’s NICKDIAZ Where’s JA

There’s a reason the Diaz brothers have never been on the podcast…they would be terrible.

Yea, they are borderline retarded and horrible speakers. Not in a joking or mean way, I mean they seem to have some kind of legitimate learning disability.

I remember, back in the day, there was talk from Joe, of them being on the show.

It was close to the time Nick said the famous; ‘Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day!’

Nick was invited on, and Joe mentioned it might be happening. The vibe I got was the Diaz bro’s declined. Possibly because of nerves, and potential discomfort.

People that have seen enough online videos of the Diaz bros can visualise how it turns out.

If they smoke a few then they will be calmer and more relaxed but u won’t get anything resembling intelligent conversation from them.
And if they stay sober, then u will see them sitting on the edge of their seats, giving short, stunted answers, while darting glances side to side waiting to gtfo and wanting it to finish 10 minutes ago.

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Awkward minute on this episode.

This guy was fired from SNL, years ago, for saying un-woke jokes on social media.

I think he was hoping (at the time), that Joe would have his back, as a fellow comic who is also navigating these waters, and have him on the show… Joe didn’t oblige.

Here, a long time later, he cracks a joke about it. Joe is oblivious to what was on the guys mind. lol Joe - ‘what?’

mins 8:30 for couple of mins.

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Didnt think it was all that awkward. Like he said is a good thing they waited for it to blow over as Joe often does - notice Bryan CAllen his so called best friend was never on to address the allegations nor Neil Degrasse Tyson or Chris Delia etc. SEems like Rogan likes to wait a bit with this stuff. Same thing with Tony Hinch, dont think hes been on since the attempted cancelling. Not sure why Joe does it this way, youd think hed want to have his friends back. Think this is strategic on his part to protect himself and his brand.

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Same with Alex Jones, didnt have him right away either when he was getting fucked in the ass.

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Yeah, I just thought it was funny the way he brought it up, as though it was on his mind, but to Joe’s bemusement! lol

Not awkward in a really bad way.

I think you missed the moment.

Fucking painfully awkward.

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