We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

Wait so whats the point of premium Spotify if you get ads?

I never got Spotify ads but always got Rogan’s ads. But after canceling and going to the free version, I don’t get either lol.


Same here, only ever got Rogan ads. For the time being though I’d definitely recommend going free for any premium members.

I’ve had premium for over a year and never got additional ads until recently and they’re relentless

Really enjoying this episode. Hotep brings a unique slightly different view to things

Yes I didnt like hotep the first time out but liked him this time. Still a bit of a goof tho haha.

What a strange dude.

The way he weaves in and out of lucid, straightforward talking points and bat shit crazy premises is actually pretty impressive. I have a couple friends just like him.

Jim Shockey was a guest back in February and he even tweeted about it. It has never seen the light of day. Anyone know what the deal was with this episode?

Probably never happened ie he was scheduled and something came up if i were to guess.

I didn’t watch the Tyson ep, but noticed on the Christina one that they didn’t actually show them smoking weed. Is that the case now?

Cam Hanes wasn’t great. He is pushing his book. I heard him on Meat Eater Podcast this week too and he sucked there. Guy ia a boring ass interview imo. This is coming from a hunter and brand new bowhunter.

You can tell a guest is lame when Rogan starts talking UFC.


Felt the same way, they could’ve probably cut that down to an hour. I like Cam but how many times can you have the same hunter on? There’s nothing new or interesting to be said that would warrant a 3 hour podcast.

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ANybody else got douche vibes when Joes talking on his recent pod with bert and tony about how he gets upset when non-famous people talk around him and his famous friends. YOu hear that guys, only famous people are allowed to talk around Joe.

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I turned that episode off after 10 minutes. Found him to be boring as fuck .

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Im a give it a listen. Sort of annoyed with the comedian centered Rogan podcasts. Its usually the same shit being said for 3 hours


You have some weird selective hearing. Joe said if everyone is just hanging out at dinner or whatever he doesnt mind having random friends of friends there and of course everyone can talk and say whatever they want, but in the specific context of being in the green room warming up before a show, he finds it annoying when non-comedians interrupt their flow with random conversation.


HE referred to them as casuals aka non-famous people. And casual conversation is casual conversation. If someone there is present and you think they shouldnt be able to talk freely because theyre not famous than thats a douchebag right there.

Its in the context of warming up before a performance. Theyre professional entertainers, you dont fuck with their performance prep immediately before they go on stage. Can you imagine getting your head ready for a show and some random asshole starts interrupting you, trying to talk over you, changing the subject, fanboying out, etc.

Like you might make small talk with a UFC fighter who works out at your gym when you see him after class sitting next to you on the mat on a random day, but if you were in the locker room as he’s warming up 5mins before a fight how fucking retarded would you have to be to interrupt his coaches and start rambling on about some random shit.

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No youre not getting it. IF they dont want ‘casuals’ there than dont invite/allow them back there. To allow someone back there but theyre not allowed to talk is a dick move. ALso, he made similar remarks about hans kim and hes a comedian albeit a non famous one. He said he likes hans kim because he knows his place on the totem pole and he knows not to talk when famous people are around.