We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

Fuck im the man. I just fucked your ass.

Youre welcome.

Lmao, you are the guy Joe is talking about. “Hey man, that horse cum episode on fear factor was pretty fuckin crazy, am I right or what haha. Let me tell you about this business idea, its perfect for you bro, you have to invest. Lets do some DMT and then hit that Tyson weed brah!”


Maybe, but imagine being a ‘casual’ (douchey term for someone non famous to begin with), and you find yourself hanging around all these big name comedians and youre probably excited af and cant wait to tell your friends. YOu just gonna sit there starting at the wall or your phone? Id at least make an attempt. And then these assholes get mad at you for even speaking id be like wtf fuck u than right. Douchey hollywood type behavior. Rogan needs his own private tour bus me thinks if he feels this way with security (he has navy seals security btw, obviously very scared male).

You’re exactly what he’s describing lol. Its called being socially aware. Its like if you see some famous person eating dinner with their family, you dont run up to their table and pull out your phone and ask for selfies while they’re in the middle of eating. But in your mind I guess that would be fine.

If I was in the green room and chappelle and rogan and ron white came in before they went on stage, I’d say hi and introduce myself and then sit back and be unobtrusive. If they engaged with me, I’d talk, if not I’d let them do their thing. If I was hanging out after the show I’d make myself more part of conversation, but still with some self-awareness as I would have when joining any other friend group that im not a part of…and as Joe said, he has no complaints about hanging out in this kind of context that isnt during pre-show warmup.

Not a valid comparison. Green rooms are a hang. Im not talking about being overbearing. No way youd bother someone while eating dinner with a family. When people are casually conversing, it should be expected that people in the same room are allowed to converse as well, regardless of their insta follower numbers.

GUess it depends on the individual. Being rude and overbearing and asking for pics is one thing, but it seemed joe had a problem with people just talking and being part of hte conversation when theyre casuals aka non famous ppl.

Green rooms are a hangout spot, and a show prep spot. It all depends on time and context.

If youre interrupting and bothering a professional of any kind while he’s warming up before a performance, you’re a douche. And immediate pre-show warmup is the specific context Joe was talking about. He literally says that he has zero problem with any random person talking all they want at any other time that isnt during his warmup time immediately before a performance

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Ok Jamie.

  1. Diaz via Stockton slap

Cam puts me to sleep, god bless his heart.

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Finally finished black keys one. Seriously one of the best episodes ever


I dont get it. I got about helfway and the app crashed and lost my spot and I had no urge to go back and find my spot and stopped listening. Everyone seemed to like it, I thought it was meh.

This app has the most problems of any ive ever seen, its unbelievable. Do the employees not use their own app? How can they not know this shit?

Starting to think its on purpose - butthurt employees who dont like rogan.


Its unreal how bad it is. I have been posting on their tech forums to try to get stuff resolved and nothing happens. It is at the point now where the play/pause bar never shows up. To play a podcast I have to start the app, dig to find the podcast I was listening to before, and if I’m lucky, it remembers my place. About 50% of the time it doesn’t, so I have to scroll through to find my spot. I listen for a while and when I need to pause, the pause/play bar is gone so I cant, so I have to manually force stop the app just to pause, and go back through the first scenario again to hit play.

This is all over their tech forums and they are swearing its been fixed but according to me and a ton of other people, it hasnt been. Reinstalls, deleting folders in the file system, following their troubleshooting, it all does nothing. Its bullshit. If it werent for Rogan I’d never go near Spotify but I have to if I want to listen.

Jesus fucking christ we get it. For some people the app works, for some it doesn’t. Can we fuckin move on now?

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I’ll continue to bitch, because its fucking terrible and the only way to listen to Rogan.


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I had an issue with the app for a while. I lived with until I decided I had enough. I cleared the cache, deleted any local files and uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify.

It works pretty well now, although I had an issue they other night with the Bert Kreischer and Tony podcast, the podcast ended early twice.

I typically download the podcasts I want to listen to rather than just streaming them.