We need an official Joe Rogan podcast thread

I enjoyed the Noir episode

Protect Our Parks 4

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Drunk Shane and permanent no filter Normand are the best


Doesnt make up for that annoying cunt ari shaffir

Mike Judge is fucking awesome. Wish he was on for longer


Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely give it a listen.

Liking the stoic dude. Got into his youtube channel recently. Seems like a cool interesting.

Enjoyed it

Sounded like had some nose candy

Edit/delete. This was way too strong in hindsight.

Australians are here living it mate. You are basing your opinion on mainstream media news.

Wake the fuck up bro

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Finished the last hour of the save our parks. I really hope Ari gets thrown in jail for something in the near future. I was dying laughing at mark and Shane


So they didn’t round up citizens and stick them in camps?

No. Makes a good talking point or headline but this is ignoring all of the real details.

Mark fucking killed it with his one liners. They roasted Ari so bad as always.

Rogan bringing up the same fucking subjects was Rogan like


u really need to define your terms. was it similar to rounding up jews, shipping them away in railcars and sending them to dachau? not at all. was it more like enforcing travel restrictions whereby all arriving travellers had to do a 14 day quarantine. or was it ensuring that vulnerable people in high risk communities such as the remote aboriginal groups with low or non existent vaccination rates were separated and “forced” to go to a quarantine camp to ensure that their population numbers wouldnt get wiped out? (personally, i thought it was overkill and im in the let it rip camp pretty much now, but the “science” that they were working from was to do something rather than do nothing).
were they rounding up people in major metro areas like sydney, not really, they were going around to known contacts of infected people and forcing them into quarantine. but as ive mentioned, it was pretty easy to circumvent being a close contact with the qr contact tracing apps that they made people use

So all those videos i saw of where people being told they weren’t allowed to leave those porches were fake?

No. They r real. They were people in the quarantine centres. And I agree, it made no sense that they couldn’t step beyond the line of. The porch. I’m not defending the stupid rules. They were there for a reason, they had to abide by the silly rules.
I knew a guy that was “removed” from his student accommodation where 20 of them were staying and housed in Merriton serviced apartments converted to a quarantine “camp”, because a bunch of the students got covid and they had to herd up the close contacts. It was a 2 level suite, 3 meals a day, unlimited Wifi and cable TV. But he couldn’t leave the room. I guess he was one of the many that u believe were held against their will in a concentration camp, yeah?

You just described being held against their will. That would never fly here in the states. What did that do for COVID numbers?

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Being forced out of your home and held against your will in a detention facility is completely insane in the modern western world and totally unacceptable. Of course its nothing like a nazi death camp, but that doesn’t make it ok.

Its just a line that should never be crossed. You’ve accepted the principle that your basic human liberties and bodily autonomy in your own home are not in fact inalienable rights, but are instead privileges granted to you by your benevolent leaders and subject to revocation upon completely arbitrary declarations of emergency made by those government officials.

Maybe its a uniquely American mindset, but we can all die in a gunfight before anyone forces me out of my own home and tries to lock me up somewhere I don’t consent to being, I don’t care how much wifi and Netflix they provide. Unless the quarantine camp is filled with std free raw doggable supermodel hookers, in which case lock me up.