we need P.Buentello vs Kimbo

We Need to see it


If Iceberg e-mails crazybobcook@hotmail.com its a go.

TTT for Paul


could be a MMA.tv Exculsive

Paul would destroy that thug

Like to see it

For the love of God, make it stop...

I'll toss in 2500

I'd watch it.

Kimbo has nothing to lose and a lot to gain by taking this fight.

With that said, I think Paul B. can go toes with em and take em out.

I heard that iceberg should email crazybobcook@hotmail.com at crazybobcook@hotmail.com

once again that's crazybobcook@hotmail.com at crazybobcook@hotmail.com

Kimbo cheated, not Gannon. Stand up submissions were not against the rules, takedown attempts were. At least from what wasposted here by Gannon himself. JKB

Hopefully stand up submissions will be against the rules this time around.

Please, you guys gotta be kidding me, Paul would kill that BUM.....

Mikey is correct and yes you can take the word of a guy that runs into walls Lol. No really i'd watch it though.

I would'nt pay for it, it would'nt last long.....When I read the thread title you guys meant at a pie eatin conyest or something?

Its outragous that a common street Thug could be in the same ring as a legit contender.

id pay to watch mikey fight. he is a warrior, but i would pay much more to watch kimbo fight. kimbo vs. buentello is worth $50 for the ppv and another $100 to have friends over and get drunk.

id pay for a few drinks to watch mikey at a sports bar.

U'd pay to watch Kimbo fight, That says it all.

That will be what u guys get in the end too, just like boxing gave ya.