we never are going to see hendo vs bones!

are we? for that im pissed!

Hendo didn't deserve it Phone Post

How could anyone watch his last few fights and think he had a chance in hell against Jones?

I think the only people who have any interest in this fight are the same people who complain about Jones fighting over the hill fighters and middleweights. It's a ridiculous mismatch. Hendo has nothing for Jones.

CanadianGSPFan - And not a shit will be given. Phone Post

Hendo has nothing for JBJ

(I hate JBJ) Phone Post 3.0

Sadly, it wouldn't end well for Henderson.  Especially if he just stalks around the cage with his right hand cocked like he has in his last two fights.

Be thankful for Hendo's health.

On no planet is that a competitive match.

hendo will always be one of my favorites but i dont need to see him fight jones. we all know how it would go...

If Rashad could avoid the overhand right, Bones would have as well. Phone Post

Jones would have avoided the right, worked his knees over with oblique kicks and when the time was right, trip takedown and bad news elbows. Just like the shogun fight people would avoid giving Jon props at all costs and only denounce Hendo as a 42 year old veteren who is way past his prime. Then they will chant for Machida to come in for the rematch because "He will totally clown Jones this time!"

Here I will play it out for you bones avoids the right hand for 5 rounds and gets UD Phone Post 3.0

Why? If I wanted to see lop sided beat downs I would watch Bellator. Phone Post 3.0