WE OWN THIS CITY (2022): The Wire & Jon Bernthal Combine on HBO!

Damn have to check this out, thanks for the heads up


Not liking how they are making Suiter out to be some kind of victim.

I won’t say more in case some don’t know the story.

That shit was pretty good and then got awful. I hated the finale.

So what’s the OG verdict, solid or wokefest crap?


Just hate having to wait a week in between.


In ep 3 he is just the “uninitiated”.

Not seeing any victimhood.

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Ok, maybe I’m biased.
In real life, he was robbing with the GTTF, not just accepting money others stole. That’s according to Gondo’s testimony. Maybe we’ll get there, but the vibe i get is something else. The tone seems to be setting him up as a victim, but maybe I’ll be wrong.

Also, the chick from The Wire, who made the doc on him, is involved in this. In the doc she basically tried to pretend the ending of his story was much more complex than it actually was.

I tried getting into it again and tapped out with 5 mins left in episode 2.

Its all over the place with the timeline & im just finding it boring

Have you tried paying attention?

It’s not even remotely a difficult show to follow along with.


I kinda though some of the stuff was dumbed-down, with characters being a bit explicit in recounting the plot points. I guess now I see why.

Dookie and Herk from The Wire is in the most recent episode.

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Awesome to see Dookie.

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Three episodes in.
I guess I don’t understand why they are jumping around the timeline. I don’t feel like doing so adds anything to the story.

(Keep in mind I’m not familiar with the actual story on which this is based). Really not liking the vibe I’m getting from the DOJ. It very much feels like everything the DOJ does/suggests is absolutely 100% good and true and all of Baltimore’s problems are because of a handful of bad cops – as though the Mayor, DOJ, etc…are all blameless.

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It seems that way but notice how she is corrected by everyone she meets. Cops. Chief. Mayor. Union president. Their hands are tied. Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

I think it’s showing that the system is broken and it’s not about any one group. The whole thing in Baltimore is a viscous circle.


Honestly, besides being more truthful/accurate that strikes me as much more interesting.

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Eh. They did give the perspective of the cops. Mayor giving rioters room to destroy, DA prosecuting Gray cops for political points and their inevitable not-guilty verdicts, etc

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iirc, that was a throw away line from one scene (conversation with the police union reps) and it was quickly glossed over. even if my recollection is incorrect, i think it’s safe to say the majority of the time spent thus far (1/2 the series) has been focused on crooked cops.

Shit just saw this… Gunna have to check it out… Bernthal rules

Is there anything wrong with that?