WE OWN THIS CITY (2022): The Wire & Jon Bernthal Combine on HBO!

I’m not sure how to answer that, honestly.

The creators are going to tell the story they want to tell. But as I mentioned earlier in the thread, the “real life” problem of crime in Baltimore was (and is) more complicated than what is being portrayed, at least in my opinion. And I think a series that’s more nuanced than “police bad/police criminals” would be more interesting to watch. Or at least I would find it more interesting.

Of course, ymmv.

Its interesting you see it that way. I see that they are showing it to be an insanely complicated issue, filled with people who want to change, but cant, for a multitude of reasons. From the chief who is bound by a variety of political issues and traps, to the poet who cant see past the blue uniforms that have wronged him and those around him. Then you have Jamie Hectors character, who appears to be a good man, but has himself been tempted (and possibly given in).

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Just saw this thread, show is good?


Yes. So far, any how.


Good so far. The Baltimore accent is weird, though. Forgot how pronounced it was lol…

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Yea, the show is going to focus mostly on bad cops, because that is what it’s about. A group of bad cops. Same as the book it’s based on.

Your critique strikes as if you’re watching a western movie and upset there aren’t more aliens.

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cowboys vs aliens was amazing


Watching first episode…I guess it’s HBO so I shouldn’t be surprised with all the wokeness?

Notice how they made it so Suiter had no idea those drugs were planted?

Just caught up on all 4 episodes.

Not too bad. Not as woke as I thought it would be from impression I got from episode 1.

I’ve enjoyed all 4 so far.

I keep having to tell myslef “This is based on actual people”.

Did BPD pay for all that KFC?

Jenkins buy it?

or KFC donate it?

Laughed at the scene where Jenkins robbed a midget stripper because his dick couldn’t fit inside her. Guy seems like a real piece of shit.

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Crooked cops stealing from crooked people doing illegal things. It is Bodymore so no one should be surprised. Modern day Robin Hoods except they are not stealing from the rich to give to the poor. They are stealing from the dregs of society to give to their bank accounts.

That scene was pure David Simon. Jenkins bought it with his money. He was shook after the riot shield incident. He realized he was not as tough as he thought he was. Deep down hes a chicken.

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Enjoying the series for now. Only have two criticisms so far. One being the incessant need to shoehorn localisms (like they did with the PA murder show) with the Justice department reps name dropping lake trout, crab cakes, local rappers etc… Fully expect the next episode to have every actor chugging Natty Bo while arguing with strangers about Ray Lewis. My second critic is I really hope they don’t paint Jenkins and the BPD crooks as the major source of the outbreak of pharma heroin onto the drug scene The burning/looting of CVS/RiteAids during the riots were deliberate targets by local dealers orchestrated amongst the chaos.

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Oh man, Bernthal rapping had me rollin!

“I make big money, I drive big cars
Everybody know me, it’s like I’m a movie star”

Watched latest episode last night, not too bad. Bernthal is so damn good at everything he does, lol.

I like that FBI chick, not super hot or anything, but she has a very nice presence onscreen…and that flute playing.


Show was a big disappointment for me. The characters, dialog and acting weren’t great. Even the accent is over the top. But the biggest issue is they made the bad guys 100% bad. The best shows, even the wire, made you see the bad while also seeing their motivations. What did this guy, who is a POS, tell himself every day to be able to look in the mirror?
This was just a lot of quick cuts to different people making statements of political points. Blunt and suddenly. Nothing subtle, nothing building. It’s hard to believe these are the same people that made one of the best shows in history.

At least they didn’t try and hide what happened to Suiter. And the end did illustrate how bad it is at all levels.