We’re in a War Now Patriots. Stay in the Fight!

The massive evidence was here months ago… no massive evidence coming. It is already here and has been since December 2020.

Justice coming.

i agree they cheated but aint a dam thing coming

Cry Me a River


It’s the same. It’s the same. Please provide evidence, something that we can see and hear in court. I get that you think that there was cheating.
I never buy into anything without concrete evidence. Bloody Knife, cum stained underwear, bloody footprint.

Very fair request but you aren’t dealing with rational folks

It’s all emotional narrative

Cry babies need to get over Trump losing


4 swing states all stop counting at the same time to all come back to win,covering ballot stations,not allowing republican represenatives in ballot rooms Videos of stuffing ballots ,shady software,dead people voting, .I get it…they cheated and got away with it.Its over the cheaters won.Trump and the GOP should have been more prepared.

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any judge who took the case would have BLM and liberals at their doorstep the next day

lol at “they all stopped counting at the same time”!

its like the fucking flat earth society!

So, the right wouldn’t protect the judge?

Oh tell me more, this is so interesting.


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Any Day Now…

The Kraken Cometh…

Any day now…

shot is hitting the fan in Maricopa… this is just the beginning for all the other corrupt states.

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The walls are closing in

They really have them this time