Weak ground work in SWAT

So at the end of SWAT (a bad but not REALLY bad movie) Colin Ferral has his ex-partner pinned on railroad tracks, fight for a gun. Colin, who has a high side-mount, passes up numerous arm-bar oppertunities, which leads to him getting reversed. Colin quickly regains the top position, falling into his ex-partners guard. From there, Colin unleashes a ground and pound assault which his ex-partner, armed only with a very weak guard, was unable to defend. A weak showing on the ground by both men.

BTW, after seeing the end of SWAT I was left with only one question: Does Sam Pie Kempo hit harder then a train?

yes, but he could not defeat one in a streetfight.

Paul Walker's guard in 2 fast 2 furious is much more effective than Farrel's mount.

Glen- When is the next album.

Danzig 6: Tales from the Rear Mount, will be out in a couple months.

"yes, but he could not defeat one in a streetfight."

What if the train was being driven by Iron Mike Tyson? Keep in mind, a train has no groin for Gary to focus his chi on.