Weaknesses in American political system?

To me, one that always stands out is the fact that District Attorneys are elected and if they simply refuse to prosecute nothing can really be done except vote them out. Seems like a very weak punishment for potentially really significant societal damage.


It’s a binary system.

Zero accountability for anyone.
No term limits for Congress.
At the end of the day, too many people trying to make decisions and add their two cents.

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That seems to be a global thing.

That politicians are scummy fucks. People that crave power can never be trusted.

I don’t like first-past-the-post voting. Winning 50%+1 of a district is all it takes to say a certain place is red or blue, and encourages other problems like gerrymandering. Proportional representation has its downsides, but is generally better.

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  1. Bills can include anything and everything. Partisans use this to get shit that would not pass on its own passed into law by bundling it with something popular. If a principled legislator votes against the bundled bill their opponents will say they voted against the popular portion of the bill. Some states have a ‘single subject’ rule that limits each bill to one subject so that bills can’t be bundled like that. I think the US congress should have a single subject rule.

  2. Too much deference to the Executive in the power to make war.


Presidential system is inferior to a parliamentary system.

DA’s decide who they prosecute and who they don’t with little oversight. About the only person they answer to is their local political party head if they have aspirations to pursue a higher level of office and the donors that will fund their campaign.

It’s all corrupt, the system is broken and I don’t see an easy way to fix it short of installing a new government.

We have a big weakness right now. Joe Biden has a weakness for little kids.

If nothing else it should be ranked voting, so more parties have a chance.

Financial contributions should be illegal. If you get a certain number of signatures you get a set government grant to finance your campaign and that’s it.

You down with MMP?

Yeah, you know me!