Weapon Identification Help!

What the fuck is that assault Rifle?

Looks like an HK G36 to me.

It's either an HK G36 or an HK XM-8 (http://world.guns.ru/assault/as61-e.htm)
hard to tell from the pic

Odd, I didn't know LEO could carry those...

I concur, looks like a G36. Maybe a sling near the forearm is making it look funkay...

LEs actually can carry them if the chief says it's A-OK. Shouldn't be any different than them carrying an auto AR. Most of the time the departments are fairly conservative and don't want the beat cops seen running around with evil military style weapons, so they are limited to shotguns for longarms.

LE actually gets these at a decent price, I'm thinking in the sub $1000 range.


Krept: I thought everyone in the states had massive problems dragging in the G36's..

I'm just confused most likely.