Weapon Protection Class Jan 3-4

Sean Mulligan, the head LE instructor for Blauer Tactical, just completed a 2 day weapon protection class for LE in Manitowoc WI. The class was great with many students experiencing the "light bulb moment". Great to see the confidence BTS could give students in this short amount of time. Weapon protection issues were covered while standing and in ground fighting applications. I have gotten numerous comments of "that was the best training I have ever taken". Class was set up by contacting BTS and was privately hosted. I would suggest people contact BTS about hosting LE or PDR classes in your area. The experience was well worth it for me and will be repeated when ever I can.


Ive already heard from a number of the attendees and they had a
great time..Sean was able to blend weapon control & protection
concepts & drills and integrate them into force-on-force
challenges that integrated the HIGH GEAR suit, Simunitions and
other technolgies to create risk & reality :-)

Jason, Joe and others did a grat job organizing around 25 cops on
short notice to train over the weekend and right after New Years (a
feat in itself).

Good stuff guys and thanks for the comments Jason.


Guys, thanks again for the comments.

The session was such as a success because of the the work behind the scenes...organizing the attendance, the facility and location within WI at such short notice, taking into consideration that Jason, Joe, Steve, Jim and others had other commitments as well as family obligations to deal with. Again, it is the atmosphere of the class that usually dictates the overall mood, and the attendees are to be thanked for setting up a session primed for learning.

Many of the drills developed from BTS principles were introduced to this crowd with great success. It is sessions such as this,that coach and company can walk away from having learned something new and gaining a greater confidence in the credibility and integrity of the system.

Thanks again Jason, looking forward to next time.

Sean Mulligan